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When!!! Its killing me

Started by Loneranger51, February 24, 2007, 07:59:27 PM

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I'm just dying here waiting for the game to come out.

Too bad they got shut down for awhile....otherwise we wouldn't be still waiting.   Oh well....least we still get the game

I sure wish some updates would be announced or something to keep us going.......

Go KQ   the only COOOL series I wish there was more like it


Believe me, I know how you feel...
In fact all of us are on the edge of our seats waiting for the game to come out.

I for one, truly believe that however long it takes, it will be more than worth the wait!  ;D
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I've just gotta say I can't wait til this game comes out...I come here all the time waiting for an update! Its going to be such a great game...I miss KQ so much...We need something new. *sigh* Im so excited for this game I just had to say something :)


lol lots of drama over when this game will come out! hehe

This game will come out though right? =P 

quick question: Are you guys working on just one of the three parts, and will work on each part one at a time? (like teh MATRIX)  Or are you working on all three, but will release them one by one (like teh LORD OF TEH RINGS) ?

Also, u guys really aren't getting paid to make this game? Isn't there a way you can make money at least from people advertising on your website or w/e?  It seems rather harsh for you guys to make a game for free...   actually its kind of umm... (dont mean this harshly)... stupid to work for free!   ~but thats just my opinion!

Keep up teh good work! This is like.. free warez but LeGaL. pwned

And excuse my leet talk.. it can't be helped.

Hehe.. you guys enjoy yourselves! We are all proud of ya.


The game will be released in three parts. One part at a time. While there primary focus on part one, many areas are in all three parts so you could say that they are working on all three part as well. :D

I don't think the fans want adds flying all here but then I can only speak for myself. :P
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Quote from: Shades2585 on August 09, 2007, 04:43:30 AM
I don't think the fans want adds flying all here but then I can only speak for myself. :P
Personally, I find web advertisements annoying.  Someone would have to pay me a lot before I ever agree to putting commercial ads on this site, and I doubt the revenue people get from having ads is very much at all.

Regarding working for free, legally, we're not permitted to generate income off of Sierra's intellectual property with our current license.  However, just because one game is free doesn't mean all future games we create will be as well.  Once we start working on our own original titles, we'll have a lot more freedom to commercialize.  Also, money isn't everything.  We're all gaining valuable work experience that we can use while seeking employment and portfolio building. 8)
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I read the post you guys did on January of this year.. you guys mentioned that this game might not even be allowed to come out at all if Vivendi feels its too good that it will embarass them? I mean.. because of legal issues?


But then.. you do have a DEMO out.. I am sure you needed to go through similar legal channels for that...

Pls help me understand!


Yup, the demo was actually done in November 2005, and was evaluated by them.  The evaluation didn't take more than a couple months at that time, but the demo also only represents 5% of Shadows content-wise.
"A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."


Why don't you guys buy the rights from Vivendi?  Price too high?  They won't sell?


Quote from: liggy002 on August 20, 2007, 10:47:29 PM
Why don't you guys buy the rights from Vivendi?  Price too high?  They won't sell?

While that might be an option for a startup that has investors and a lot of capital, POS doesn't have anywhere near the money required for that sort of thing.