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Started by TheReturnofDMD, March 04, 2007, 11:10:24 AM

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I have an idea for a prologue to the game. It would be a short, fairy tale story book style synopsis of the previous KQ Games which would have Greensleeves playing in the background. so that people who have never played a KQ game before could learn a little of the tales and maybe get interested in the original series.


Nice idea. Unfortunately they already made the demo and to create that would only delay the game further. I do like the idea though. :thumbsup:
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I agree. Would have been very cool.


Well, the prologue would only lead into the actual intro of the game. This would just tell some backstory and wouldn't require any 3D art or anything. It would look like the storybook in the beginning of Disney's Cinderella. It could easily be added in.


Or the beginning of Shrek 2.
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How about instead of fairy tail style, do screen shots (per Vivendi's permission) to show the progress of the game. That could be done very quickly, and would show how the advancement of computers have made some very good looking adventure games. Then after the intro....BAM! 3D.   ;)


This has absolutely nothing to do with what you are discussing, but speaking of time periods... I thought it was funny in King's Quest 2 VGA (made my Anonymous Game Developers) when they had Graham go into all of the different dimensions and time periods.  I don't know if the team is doing this, but maybe they can weave in the element of time travel in the games if they haven't already.  I think it would make for a nice touch and it hasn't been done before except in the unofficial KQ2.