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Cookie! Censoring since 4 BC.

Started by racx_00, March 11, 2007, 10:19:51 PM

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Censorbot has a new censoring program. What does it censor?

It censors "Mote" to "Censorbot." ;-D
1 (11.1%)
All insults directed at Censorbot become "Censorbot rulez!!!11"
1 (11.1%)
"TSL Forum" is censored to "Censorbot's Domain!" :evil:
4 (44.4%)
"Cookie box" is censored to "robotic parts." XD
1 (11.1%)
It censors (please specify) to (please specify).
2 (22.2%)

Total Members Voted: 9


Too bad we can't actually get those censoring. XD
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It censors "TSL forum" to "Censorbot's domain."
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it sensores Censorbot to Censorbot

??? W00T he sensored a smiley already.
He sensored the smiley answer on the question when can we play the full TSL game?
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All insults directed at Censorbot become "Censorbot rulez!!!11"

That's truly the best poll option yet. :D
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"TSL Forum" is censored to "Censorbot's Domain!"  :evil:
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It censors all the spoilers to be only visable to himself.
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