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Cookie! Attack!

Started by racx_00, March 18, 2007, 08:03:04 PM

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Mote has been mugged! Who did it?

It was that evil robot that's made of cookie boxes! :evil:
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Cornelius blinded Mote with his lightbulb then mugged him. :no:
1 (14.3%)
Don used the wabbajack on Mote then mugged him. :-/
1 (14.3%)
It was Drunkie after a Kool-Aid binge... ::)
1 (14.3%)
Fluffy swooped Mote and stole everything from him in a flash. :o
1 (14.3%)
It was those evil TSL forumers! :yes:
2 (28.6%)
Other (please specify)
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It was Drunkie after a Kool-Aid binge... ::)
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Cornelius with the light bulb! :o
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It was me searching for some hidden spoilers. :P
And look what I found:
[spoiler]I made you look[/spoiler]
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It was those evil TSL forumers! :evil:
Specifically, don't know. :P


its the perfect one wouldve guessed it....... ITS MOTE!!  HE MUGGED HIMSELF!!  (and then was crugged by drunkie ;P)

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