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Which of these would...

Started by Drunken Chinchilla, March 18, 2007, 05:32:05 PM

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Which of these would you most like to see in the next update?

Journal update
Gameplay footage

Drunken Chinchilla

Now don't get any ideas just yet, just guaging what ya'll value most in our little updates that appear from time to time.

For me its got to be music, I'm in total awe of the stuff released so far.
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I'm a sucker for screenies! Gameplay footage may actually ruin the game XD
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Catherine DaCosta


I have to agree with Cat on this one.


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While I would like Screenshots. I would prefer to see more Journal updates myself. I'm not so much into game play because, well we have the demo.
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Without question I'd want more music. Austin's instrumental version of "The Day You Were Gone" is beautiful beyond measure.
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I have to go with screens.
They rekindle my faith that there is an actual game out there ;)
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Louisiana Night

Journals, without question. Details about the process of making the game(and similar topics XD) is far more enlightning than the usual goodies. Besides, ss great as TSL is(and will be), it can't compare to what goes on inside the team's mind... wait, "great" is not the best term to use for that, especially if it's Cesar. ;P

Okay, so it's far more "interesting" than anything you could give out about the game. Besides, they might drop by the forum for a bit when they type up the thing. ;)


How about screen shots with some one other than Graham? Say... Alexander? ::)


I'd say the music. It gives you a flavor for the game without spoiling anything, but rather invokes speculation as you hear the changes in the music. Also, I like seeing the journal updated. It sort-of quells that "nothing's happining" feeling.
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Music (better yet, voice clips). We've not had any of that in a awhile. :)
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kq fan007

definately journal, just something saying that your doing good and when you think you'll be able to give the finished project to sierra or whatever their name is for review.(maybe I'm asking to much with that one. :D)

but to me any update would be a good thing. ;D
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