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This is only Part 1?

Started by Bludshot, March 23, 2007, 02:55:43 PM

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I completley understand why this game has been seven years in the making, and its wonderful that there is so much dedication to the project.  I have complete faith in the completion of TSL Part 1: Shadows.  But I'm concerned about future installments.  Is it reasonable to hope that a Part 2 or 3 we'll be right around the corner following Part 1?
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From my understanding, there are several reasons this one has taken so long. One is that the game was originally going to be made as one game. Then the team realized how long it was taking and how much more time it would take, so during one of the birthday bashes, they announced they had decided to break it into three installments. Then, another, is trying to move what's written into something that works on the computer. And, from my understanding, there have been several things that have had to be built from scratch. Originally, the team hoped to release Part 1 one year, Part 2 the following, and Part 3 after that. In other words, kinda like Lord of the Rings, where a new movie was released every year.

I hope that if this doesn't answer your question, it helps to least the original intent of the team :)
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Well Phoniex has had more than its share of bad luck with this game, so I feel a little shaky about the teams original intent.  I suppose I'll have to wait and see when Shadows is released.
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XD Always good to see you posting again Mrs. Bankston.  ;D

But I wanted to point out to dew7, if he is reading this, that this is a part answer to his question.  To a degree, the team has already done as he suggests.

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Don't worry once we get part 1 everyone can play it over and over until the other parts come out.
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