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Magical Soda Machine

Started by tessspoon, April 05, 2007, 08:32:10 PM

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You get Terry Jones.

*inserts fuzzy face*
"Take it from someone who knows sick:  licking corpses is going waaay beyond demented."

Defender Of All Things Against Connor  :stabs:

Long Hair 4 Life XB



you get "the mask"

*inserts parts for a new magic soda machine tread*
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Evilness is in my blood
Don't blame me for losing against my excalipoor.
Realy I am sane, it's my other one that's insane.


You get an error! :P

*inserts Yonkey into the magical soda machine*

*Gasp* You're a girl! That's what most girls do! - Carla

You win pie! - Nebel


*the machine makes weird beeps and blips*

The machine goes temporarily out of order... :o
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