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How do you like your...

Started by Drunken Chinchilla, April 12, 2007, 03:28:23 PM

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How do you like your endings?

One ending
Multiple endings

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Quote from: Deloria on June 25, 2007, 12:58:51 PM
fans are then reduced to finding out all the different ways the protagonist can die. :P
heh heh heh :devil:
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That's one of the best parts of playing the game!  I loved the random puns KQ games gave when you died ahaha
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Quote from: theroachyjay on June 26, 2007, 01:16:04 AM
That's one of the best parts of playing the game!  I loved the random puns KQ games gave when you died ahaha

Yeah, I concur. XD


Multiple endings are always fun because then you depending on how you go about solving the issues would give you a different ending accordingly to the situation. So as long as you make a few good endings than i would be thrilled


This really depends on the game. If you have a game in which you can be good or evil, for example, then you really need multiple endings in order to flesh this out fully to its logical conclusion. Just one ending is good, but two would be far better.

KQ6, of course, had a good system: a sort of built-in "easy" or "hard" ending. I thought this was a really good idea, too, since not only the endings but a huge part of the game was played from 2 different angles, adding to replayability. (ie. you don't get to go to the land of the dead if you pick the easy path.)

However, I voted for one ending, since I think that, overall, multiple endings are more likely to be annoying, since you would not have as much closure as in just one ending: in KQ6 this is less so, because the endings are rather similar, but in Metal Gear Solid, for example, the two endings decide the fate of one particular character, so ultimately whether or not this person survives is meaningless, because it's reduced to "which one would you rather pick?"

I think a really good method of multiple endings, though, is if you have an intricate game with really intriguing philosophical and story-related points which are only revealed by playing both endings. For example, if you had a game in which you are unsure whether or not the main character was a clone, or a robot (think Blade Runner) you could have it so that only be comparing and analysing data from both endings would you discover whether or not s/he is a clone/robot. (Yes, I absolutely adore Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.)
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I'd have to go with multiple endings. I think it gives the game more replay value (which I hardly do anyway... XD). It also makes for interesting ideas on sequels, which could be spawned from many different endings. You would have a whole slew of endings to create a sequel off of, and perhaps make a sequel to each ending. I definitely like the idea of multiple endings more than definite single endings.
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I generally just prefer one ending (unless there's like two wildly different paths in the game, and you don't even play through all the same stuff in more than one sitting)'s a bit stressful when I have to get all the requirements for the "good" ending and if I miss one thing I have to go back and play it again...which I usually don't have time/dont want to do..^^;