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Cookie! Cornelius the IV

Started by racx_00, April 24, 2007, 07:55:37 PM

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Cornelius is getting his lightbulb replaced. What does he replace it with?

An energy saving bulb! :D
1 (12.5%)
Another Mango minion... twice the power! :evil:
1 (12.5%)
An empty bottle of Kool-Aid to taunt Drunkie. XD
0 (0%)
An oversized Texan belt buckle! ;P
1 (12.5%)
A CD with the entire script to TSL, just to taunt the fans. :P
2 (25%)
He replaces the lightbulb with... (please specify)
3 (37.5%)

Total Members Voted: 8


The oversized Texan belt buckle has nothing to do with LN, I swear! :P
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A CD with the entire script to TSL, just to taunt the fans. :P


An energy saving bulb.  Awwww! ;P
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He replaces the lightbulb with a neon lamp saying TSL rules!!!
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He replaces it whit two lightbulbs now he has twice the amount of ideas.
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He replaces the lightbulb with a black-light bulb and opens a bowling alley/disco hall.

"EEEEEK! My bowling ball's alive!"
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