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Cookie! The Experiment!

Started by racx_00, May 08, 2007, 08:22:52 PM

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The pets are creating a new cookie. What are the ingredients?

Mote is used as the main ingredient, which is ultimately a ploy by Censorbot. :evil:
0 (0%)
Cesar, Say and Neil to create the Supah Happeh Stinky Secsay Suffer cookie! XD
1 (11.1%)
A combination of elde things to create a... Queen cookie! :o
4 (44.4%)
Some loot from a pirate's ship to create a pirate cookie! ;D
3 (33.3%)
A random selection of TSL forumers to create a tasty TSL Lover<3 cookie! :D
0 (0%)
Other (please specify)
1 (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 9


Knight of Jarada - Master Mind 8)
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Some loot from a pirate's ship to create a pirate cookie!!! .D


The Supah Happeh Stinky Secsay Suffer cookie! XD :) :X :flirt: :suffer:
"A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."


- some fur from Mote
- the cuteness of Chá (Hopes the new one likes her)  XD
- the sneakiness of Weee
- the stench of Guaralido
- a lamp of Cornelius
- some Kool aid from Drunkie
- an evil plan to conquer TSL from censorbot  :evil:
- and not to forget the love of all the pets owners. (can't create one whitout that) :P

Let's see what come out! :o :suffer:
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Pirate cookie! Yay!...Er...Arr!

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We've got to have a pirate cookie!
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Catherine DaCosta


All the pets submit random things at least four centuries old (preferably 36 centuries old, though ;)) to create a Queene cookie !!!
Holy Roman Empress
Queen of *all* Albion
Précieuse and salonnière! :D
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Space! :D Extraterrestrium! :D Espace! :D


Some ingredients from ancient Rome, Greece, Gall, Egypt, and more... or just Britannia :P... for a Queene cookeh!
Noli me tangere! Nescio ubi fuisti!
Don't touch me! I don't know where you've been!

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...resistance was obviously useless against a family that could invent italics.

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A combination of elde things to create a... Queene cookie! :o
Thus, they wilt have produced a morsel fit for Deloria to satisfy her grace, whene'er she so desires. For only such an anciently delightful trifle wilt be appropriate for her majesty's exquisite teeth.

Note: I would have spelled it "teethe", but that might imply to some a baby chewing on a rubber toy. :P
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