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Space Quest fangame developments

Started by TribeHasSpoken, April 27, 2007, 06:42:56 PM

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By now I'm sure everyone's aware of Infamous Adventures' upcoming Space Quest II Remake. However, there have also been other developments in the Space Quest fangame community which may interest some of you. I'm not the biggest Space Quest fan, but will always support this kind of effort from fans.

- Matt Holden of the Space Quest 7 team has announced that the site will be getting an update "late May - early June". What form this update will take is anyone's guess. In addition to the publicity materials available on the website itself, the team also showed a "joke trailer" to their loyal fans last year. They're clearly as passionate about this project as we are about ours, and I look forward to seeing what they can do.

- Chris Ushko (assistant animation director on TSL) released a trailer late last year for his formerly-defunct project Space Quest: Incinerations. In addition to this, Chris is also on the team of another SQ fangame: Vohaul Strikes Back and quite a few years back made two Monkey Island fangames (Link #1, Link #2)

- On a sadder note, Space Quest 2x: Vohaul's Mines has been placed on indefinite hold. As I understand it, the game was to be a "What if..." retelling of Space Quest II, looking at what may have happened if Roger had actually been taken to Vohaul's mines.

If I'm missing any news, feel free to add it.
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Thanks for the news! I've been interested in the SQ7 fan game! I look forward to seeing how they've progressed! It's certainly an exciting time for fans of old Sierra games!  :thumbsup:
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