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Cookie! Drunkie's 4th.

Started by racx_00, April 17, 2007, 09:38:02 AM

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Drunkie has seen the light!

You mean the light reflecting in his Kool-Aid? :D
2 (33.3%)
Everyone sees light, nothing special! :-\
0 (0%)
He woke up and his bedroom light was on? I do that all the time! ;D
0 (0%)
Light? What is this light you speak of? :pokerface:
1 (16.7%)
What kind of poll doesn't even give us a question? :S
0 (0%)
It was those evil TSL forumers shining a torch in his eyes! :no:
1 (16.7%)
Other (please specify)
2 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 6


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Light?  ??? What is this light you speak of?  :pokerface:

It couldn't possibly have been the light from the secret deathray on the moon b/c that's not finished yet... ...what!?... what are you looking at?  :-\ I said NOTHING!  :-X Nothing at all. :sneaky:

...that ought to put 'em at ease 'til it's done... ... err, I mean  :sweating: :-X Sssssssh!
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...resistance was obviously useless against a family that could invent italics.

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*quickly turns off flashlight*
He wasn't supposed to wake up! Now he's seen my secret stash of cookies... you know what that means... :sneaky:


Blinded by Kool-Aid again, Drunkie? :no: :P
"A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."


What drunkie died of drinking to much Kool-Aids! :'(

* runs in circles around drunkie *
Wait if you're death then you must be...........

AAAAAAhhhhh a ghost is haunting me. XD
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