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Keep On going, Never Give up!

Started by lil_saintmc, February 28, 2007, 02:43:25 PM

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To the TSL people,

My father yestreday passed away, and he was as well, a huge Kings quest fan and introduced me to it. He was a sad man, a man who loved fiction better than real life. It was books and stories that brought us so close together. I am not in such a great state, but to you, I think you would like to know that he would have loved what you are doing. So many hours we spent together playing those games, and it does make me smile. Thank you to TSL, I know that my father would be proud with those people who continue the stories that made him happy, for I know in my heart, his stories will forever live on as he was the hero I loved more than any other. Thank you, and in his words, never give up what you love because its hard to acheive, never ever give up.


My sympathies go out to you lil_saintmc. :( Treasure those good time and share them with others and his legacy will live on.
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I understand what you mean lil_saintmc my dad also introduced me to kings quest,and the series our both of our favorites. I'm just thankful that he's still alive so that when shadows comes out we might be able to share one last adventure together.
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My gracious thanks to you both. But really, he will always be with me whenever I look at kings quest. My thanks