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Something I noticed...

Started by jen, June 28, 2007, 12:48:57 PM

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I was playing KQ3 (the remake version) and I noticed the portrait by the stairs in Manannan's house (did I spell his name right?), looks just like Crispen from KQ5, and the snowy scene Alexander later goes to, appears to be the same snowy place Graham goes to in KQ5 when venturing to Mordack's castle

I screencapped the portrait I'm referring too...

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Hmm thats very interesting.... I wouldn't be suprised if IA used some of KQ5 screens for a basis of how they would make the snowy mountains.
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They are completely different areas. The KQ5 snowy mountains are in Serenia. The KQ3 snowy mountains are in Daventry.


I knew it was different areas, but looks wise, I'm just saying they're very similar.  like that part in KQ5, where Graham throws the rope to climb, I saw it in the snowy mountain.

Another similar instance that I now realized, in both games that you play as Alexander, he at one point has a magic map


In the original KQIII he has a magic map, too.
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That was her point. :P

"in both games...[Alexander]...has a magic map"
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