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Space Quest; Anyone?

Started by theroachyjay, July 02, 2007, 03:59:12 PM

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So I just got some Space Quest stuff... I'm on the first (VGA version) but I can't manage to off the space ship at the very begining.  I've looked for some walkthroughs but they aren't very helpful.  Like they say to enter the code from the dying scientist guy... but he dosn't give a code, he gives the name of the cartridge you're supposed to get but when I look at the computer console thing its like "bah! what language is this?"  Lol I know I'm such a "noob"...
Jules Ismail


If I remember correctly, that is part of Sierra's Copy Protection happening there. May I ask if you are using the Space Quest Collection that was released this past September? If so, there should be a guide that came with it on your computer. If you're not using that, then the answers should be online somewhere. The copy protection gets aggrivating, but there's nothing I (or anyone) else can do about it, sadly. I suggest googling the problem. The answer should be roaming the net somewhere. I know of what you speak, but I was fooling around with the game at the time, and completely skipped the scientist, I think. Then again, it was ages ago... But anyway, that is copy protection that sierra incorporated, I believe. So I suggest searching online for the answers, which shouldn't be too difficult, I imagine. I hope this helps!
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Thanks, Dark.  No, its not the collection.  Its an old copy without voice acting.  I'll keep looking then; thanks!
Jules Ismail