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Cell Phones

Started by dew7, July 01, 2007, 11:54:40 AM

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From what I keep reading all over the Internet, it is not possible to block calls on cell phones.

Here's a suggestion though. If your phone allows per-contact ring tones, add that number to your contacts. (I know, not what you planned on doing, haha) Now, set their custom ring tone to silent ring without vibration. You'll never know they called other than viewing your missed calls. I was pretty sure a person calling you cannot waste your minutes UNLESS you answer the call. Otherwise, it would leave sooo much room for jerks to waste your money, and I think cell phone companies like their customers.

I have a Motorola KRZR K1 with T-Mobile service. I use my phone more for its multimedia functions than for actual phone calls. I have 1.2gb of music on it. I have some TV shows I converted from their DVDs. I put important notes on there. I installed a few games. I plan on programming my own games for it when I have the time since very few games out there work well on KRZR K1s. Mostly I use it to kill time when I am waiting in a long line. I use it for music when I'm working out.


Thank you and you are correct!  You do not waste your minutes if you don't answer the cell phone.  I think I will just put it on silent or vibrate so it doesn't irritate me.
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I finally have a cell phone. :)
Its a Sony Erickson, it doesn't get much use, but I don't have a lot of minutes so thats fine with me.
I don't use it for texting though, because the service I have right now, charges an arm and a leg for text messages.
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