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happy birthday hercrabbiness

Started by icarus, July 17, 2007, 02:43:45 AM

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At the same day as me.. That must me a mega party on the TSL forum.
Hope you have a wonderfull day and many presents.
(E-card will follow)
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I already messaged you on Facebook...but now it's actually your birthday...

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Happy Birthday HCN!! :D Welcome to a new world where you are now officially legal!  :D I hope you have a wonderful day. :cesar:
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Happy birthday HCN!
tell us all what you got.
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Aww thanks! You guys are the best! :smitten:

And finally, I've found someone with the same birthday as mine! BIRTHDAY BUDDIES! !!!


I wish I had a birthday buddy....

Oh well, Happy Belated Birthday!
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Quote from: awesomeasapossum on July 19, 2007, 12:34:25 PM
I wish I had a birthday buddy....

I've always had one... my grandmother's is the same as mine. :P


Poo...I apologize for my lateness, but Happy Birthday and many more, HCN! :)
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happy birthday forumer-who-i-don't-think-i-figured-out-a-shortened-name-for-but-apparently-now-is-hcn!

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