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ReBoot Rebooted!

Started by dark-daventry, August 04, 2007, 04:40:42 PM

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For those that do not know yet, one of the first CGI animated Television shows, ReBoot, has been officially Rebooted, so to speak. Rainmaker Entertainment has announced that the show will be return as three CGI films. But these three films are much different than ANY film ever made. For the first time, the fans get to choose the plot that will appear in the movie. They have five choices, each with concept art, a plot outline and even scripts. The choices are as follows:

ReBoot: Arrival

ReBoot: 2.0

ReBoot: The Last Guardian

ReBoot: Regenerated

ReBoot: The Last User

The website that is hosting the plot lines, Zeros to Heros, is a newly launched site that proclaims itself as "The people's publisher." Quite frankly, I'm excited, and I like the idea of ReBoot: Arrival! So, in this thread, discuss the new movies, and your favorite plot lines! Discuss what you like about the series! Basically, discuss anything ReBoot...

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