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Email Scams

Started by dew7, August 08, 2007, 06:17:52 AM

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I decided it would be fun and informative to write a thread about email scans.  As a security precaution, I always initially read email in plain text format and then add Html if I want to see the graphics and I know it is safe.  This appears to now be standard DOD policy.  Anyway, I got a funny email today from and you notice how it is and not  Hilarious, and the person was asking ---- yes you guessed it folks ---- for money.  How many from the cia would ask an individual for money and the cia is not even likely to email you back if you email them.  I love the addition of the .com as well --- meaning for commercial applications --- shall we say scam.  Anyway, I decided to use more the chat format for this post and not full complete sentences.  Please tell me your stories.  You can share stories where you were scammed if you want to warn others but folks let us keep it civil, nice, funny and outrageous but not mean since this is for fun stuff.  Thanks --- The Dew7 Man!

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I get tons of e-mail scams, but I know not to pay attention to them. I seem to get lots of e-mails from some guy in africa, saying that someone died, and their bank account is now open to anyone, and they want me to claim it. All they want is for me to contact them... Now, that is just right out far fetched. I mean, come on. A man dies, and his bank account is just given away like that? It would likely go to his descendent, rather than a stranger like me. And, the grammar was all messed up. Couldn't spell right or anything. I do think it's funny how obviously dumb and fake these scams are. It can be hilarious to read them!
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Deloria has some extremely amusing articles on this subject. :)
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Thanks Deloria!  I will have to read through those if I am bored.

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I usually don't get spam or scams but I did recieve and email entirely written in Spanish from someone who was wishing me a happy birthday. Well, actually, they weren't wishing me a happy birthday, they were wishing Zaidita a happy birthday...:P

Great link Deloria!
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Apparently, unfortunately according to Dateline on television yesterday that a lot of people do fall for these email scams and they do affect public officials too.  What next --- will people need to have a license to safely browse the internet. <just kidding --- sort of>
Carpe Diem  Trying to help all of us including myself understand the merry-go-round of life.