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Forum Hack

Started by Yonkey, August 13, 2007, 07:52:21 AM

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Petra Rocks

No need, I seriously doubt it says anything important d I may as well not bother the folks at shia chat anymore. XD


If someone is gonna hack into the forum, they may as well do something funny rather than make it their own page which is stupid.  Some people just have too much time on their hands.


I am looking forward to Neil's analysis of the corrupted page when he returns home and look forward to the official report.
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Hi there
I'm new here and i registered when i saw that the forum got hacked. I'm  from Egypt and i can translate what he said if you like. I can't remember what he wrote except prison or death and something about being a soldier. I don't think he meant anything about terrorism he did it for fun that's all.

Petra Rocks

Salamu aleikum mfarag. :D Most of it was reduced to jibberish, the forum is not designed to show Arabic. :P According to the person at the forum I asked on, it said Terrorist, Prison or Death. It had al.irhabi written on it several places. However, here is the image I got, if you wish to see it. :)

I have little doubt this is a prank. This is a bad spot for militant groups to recruit. :P


Hey Petra,
I was able to read it because i have the Arabic text installed but i can't read this because it's also jibberish if anyone can't send it as a text maybe it could be read.

Petra Rocks

I can't, I never saw it to begin with. :-\ Yonkey might be able to, you would have to ask him. :) You might have to wait though, it's midnight here. XD Good luck. :)


sure i'll wait but i also remembered something. In the last two lines he wrote"The police force is in the service of the community 911". this is a common expression in Egypt even on banners on every police building and that"911" was a bit strange.


The whole thing was strange indeed.  This is not the place to recruit for terrorists that is for sure.  ::)  Anyway, the reference to 911 could somehow be terrorist related but it does appear that it could be a script kiddie. 

Anyway, after the incident I got an email from  I researched the email and the associated information about it and it could be related to someone trying to use that service to access my email account through a ListServ service.  This was up there with the strangest email that I have received.  I always laugh at the usual garbage about a business deal in Nigeria.  The Cia scam I got from was cute and had me puzzled for a second but the .com gave it fully away.  Anyway, I reported that email and if I really did think it was from the Cia then I would go to their website and send them an email to see if they were indeed trying to contact me which would be strange since I am but an individual.  Neil is busy and has told me he will analyze the page when he returns so everyone including myself will have to be patient.  It is actually really exciting to me that something like this happened since the forums were getting kind of boring and now we all have something new and exciting to talk about.   8)

Anyway, in regards to security could we put in place SSL encryption for when we log in via our passwords to the forum.  In addition, it would be awesome to implement Microsoft suggestions of using minimum password strength for more security to our forum.  The hack has showed us that it would be useful.  Fortunately, Neil has put in place the proper protocol to make sure at least this particular hack cannot happen again.  Thank you Neil, Say and everyone for your support of this forum and your interest in keeping our identities secure from crazies.  BTW, Say the only reason I am very careful now about keeping my identity a secret is that I already have had to deal with identity theft in the U.S.A. and let me tell you it really stinks.  I wanted to use stronger language but I realize that would not be appropriate for the forum.

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Carpe Diem  Trying to help all of us including myself understand the merry-go-round of life.


Ok, after a bit of character detection changes, here's what the text says in Arabic:

A تم الدّعس من قبل A

a l . i r h a b i

المدنيــ بالحبال ،الجنديــ بالرصاص ،والتهكير للعباقرهــ

سوف ادمر و لن اتوقف : السّجن او الموت

مرهبين العالم باذن الله ... جاري سحق المجرّة

الاختراق اهداء لكل من يحب الارهابيــ

السبب: مزااااج و تحدي والله تراني زمان ما شفت الكلاب تنبح

الشرطة في خدمة الشعب 911
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Petra Rocks

All hail the Yonkinator. :D If that means anything... :P Anyhow, good show. ;D I can make out several words, (mostly wa (and), and Allah (you all know what that means) :P I really can't tell what it means though. :-\


A previously been Aldas A

A l. I r h a b i

  Civil ropes, a soldier shot and Althkir of genius

Admr and will not stop : prison or death

Terrorizing the world, God ... Ongoing galactic smash


Hack autographed each loves terrorist

Reason : Mzaaaaj and challenge me and God long ago saw dogs may bark

The police serve the people 911
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I think it was the work of a kiddie scripter (or an immature adult, with nothing better to do than hack random sites and watch Youtube all day in his Mom's basement.) judging from the dialogue.
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Yeah.  Sounds like a completely random attack.
"A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."

kq fan007

I know this is probably going to sound weird and all, but one good thing did come out of this: In my few months of being a TSL forum member I can't ever remeber a thread being this active with chatter, I mean 2 rows of posts withing 2 days. :o I'm not saying that we should be hacked again, :( but it would be really cool to see other threads this chatty. ;D
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Ah, I have been logged in now.  I had login issues earlier.  Perhaps it had to do with Neil's security protocol.  Anyway, it does indeed sound like a random attack and even if the attack had some remote connections with terrorism --- it is not like classified secrets are talked about here

Carpe Diem  Trying to help all of us including myself understand the merry-go-round of life.


lol this site got    wtfpwnedbbqhax!



Will this KEY do --- LOL --- I Kill myself in an Alf sense on days like this


:suffer: :suffer: :suffer:
Carpe Diem  Trying to help all of us including myself understand the merry-go-round of life.