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ID Theft

Started by dew7, August 25, 2007, 03:08:09 PM

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Since, I recently had my work identification stolen and fraudulently used while I was investigating the illegal transfer of an image from one computer to another computer.  The area is in Albuquerque, New Mexico and it was transferred from the main human resources building to a local elementary school where I worked.  I currently am on leave without pay while an investigation takes place.  I was falsely accused of sabotaging the computer network at APS (Albuquerque Public Schools) and told not to touch any more computers there while it was investigated.  The case escalated and for all the elaboration that I want to say here is now I am just waiting and seeing.  As a Systems Administrator, all my access is gone for now while the head of security at APS investigates what happened and how the first lady's data and information was compromised and then how my work information was compromised by me investigating.  Since I have VPN access to their intranet, I have allowed the investigators to fully investigate my computer in an attempt to see if the hacker(s) managed to use my computer somehow and to make sure that I am not responsible.  Anyway, I get to see all of you a lot more for the next few weeks and that will be nice.  I may end up taking a graduate course since I will get bored to keep myself interested, further my education and prepare for getting my certification as a teacher.  I believe that I am in God's hands now.  Anyway, feel free to comment and kindly share your stories of identity theft if you want to share them.
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I'm truly sorry about that Dew, let's hope everything gets fixed soon :(

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Sorry to hear that Dew, but since you didn't do anything wrong, there's nothing to worry about.

Regarding ID theft stories, a few months ago I went to pay for groceries with my bank card, and the machine said "Insufficient credit.  Contact financial institution." or something.  I knew I had plenty of money, and tried it again.  It didn't work.  Luckily, I had cash on me to pay.  Anyway, I went home, checked my account balance and it was fine, so then I went straight to my bank.

They said that some bank machine I had used recently was sabotaged (probably the person installed a card reader), and once the bank found out, they flagged everyone's accounts that used that machine that day.  Basically the "Insufficient credit" message was just to get people to come to the bank, in hopes of eventually tracking down the thief.  For me, they just asked me for some other forms of ID, then they destroyed the old bank card and gave me a new one with a new account number.
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I'm terribly sorry to hear that, Dew.
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Thanks for the support everyone.  Thank you so much for the story Neil and now the question is how they did it.  I am researching this through the 98 general newsgroup and it sounds to me like an inside job at APS.  I think someone illegally transferred Michelle Mora's image -- head of the help desk at APS -- to the computer over the summer.  They then set up the account and it had the default password of gateway that the principal, Dr. Pat Woodard knew about.  It seems like I hit a really sensitive issue especially when you think the ethernet port right next to my computer did not work since someone had removed an ethernet cable from the IDF (I think --- it is the sub station room with lots of ethernet wires and not the main room)  Anyway, this sub station networking room had lots of Ethernet wires and it was weird how it was located in the boy's bathroom at Painted Sky Elementary school in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I was just scarred sh__less when the assistant principal Miss Misti Miller yelled at me and accused me of computer sabotage after all I have done for that school with helping them with their computers.  Anyway, after all this blows over, I am going to transfer to another school where I am appreciated and where my old teacher and her sister that I worked really well with work because my current work environment is very hostile.  It is really sad also because I will really miss the children at the school and I wanted to be able to be their rock in times of need.  I only hope that my calling and destiny in the Lord our God of being a 3rd grade teacher will come true.  So sorry for the religious stuff but I am really needy at this point so I hope you can forgive and overlook that point.  Thanks so much for being a great blessing to us all Neil and you too Say.  You Guys Rock!
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