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A Wet Quest

Started by BloodyHonor, February 09, 2003, 01:59:33 PM

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Hey all I decided to make a new fanfic cuz all the last are gone.
well I am still the same... BloodyHonor the 3 foot tall halfing skilled as a rogue, and LOOOOOVES women.

so here we go

Bloody woke up in his Shadow Lair, he looked around and as always he was the first to wake up. Blurry as he was he walked towards the well to clean up his face, Bloody looked in to the well and said to him self with a grin on his face "You are looking good today handsome halfing" he took some of the water and rubbed his face with it, " haa, that’s much batter". Happy as he was he walked back into the Shadow Lair and saw that Star Dust is awake "Good morning Star Dust" said Bloody. Star Dust rubbed her eyes with the back of her hands and looked at Bloody "oh, good morning Bloooo....dyy??!?" "Why is your faced covered in mud?” Bloody looked surprised, he rubbed some drops of water off his face, but it wasn't water that he took off, it was MUD! He quickly threw all the disgusting wet dirt off of his face and ran to the well. To his surprise the well didn't have any water but only mud in it. Bloody set down and started thinking. He remembered that the well is linked to an underground river south of here "hmmm yes, this will be the first place I will go to investigate" said Bloody to him self. He took his adventuring gear and left the Shadow Lair to find out what happened to the water.


hey, forget this post I am making the same one on fanfic, if you want you can delete it