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Farewell TSL

Started by Say, October 03, 2007, 04:57:22 PM

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*agrees with Neil*

Say, I'll be one of those welcoming you back with open arms! *hugs* You will surely be missed :(
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I'm not going to ask you to stay. Becouse it's your choice. Only you can diside what to do.
We can only wish you good luck.
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I too will welcome you back if you do decide to return. You and I have had our differences, what with my application and everything, but we've pulled through it, and you're definitely going to be sorely missed on this project. You've been here longer than me, and I will always remember your presence. GunHoMac has no right to dis-respect you for the decisions you've made, as they were professional and well-thought out decisions. I will definitely miss you, and so will the rest of community. You will be sorely missed among all of us. I wish you the best of luck in where ever you may go, and we will always remember the outstanding PR work you've done here on this site. Without you, I would not even know that this project existed. You've set a big standard for your successors, one that should be met as best as possible. You will be missed very much by all of us in the forum.
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*has "The Day You Were Gone" going through his head*

You are such a part of this forum. that it's hard for me to help from crying about this. However, I would like to let you know that these are both tears of sadness at your departure and also tears of joy and appreciation for everything you've done.

You were always welcoming to anybody who joined this forum, and knowing, now, everything that you have done realizes how hard you had it. I have no doubt that your legacy will go on, and wish that there something more that I could do to show my appreciation for you.

It'll be hard to keep posting on these forums knowing how many references there will be to you and everything you've done (saycookies to say the least :P) but I know that you would want the community that you started to continue and I will do my best to keep it going, even after TSL is released.

I find it extremely saddening that GunHoMac had to pick this time to momentarily return to this forum, as I'm sure that, as much as it offended us, the forumers, it hurt you even more. I have no remorse that he is gone and believe that Yonkey handled the situation well. I hope that this doesn't have to do with the TSL Fannatics.

I hope to see you poking your head in every once in a while to say, "Hello," and want you to know how great a person you are.

Best Regards,
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We're all gonna miss you, Say. As a going-away gift, I am giving you your very own frog!

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That you will. By all of us. Take care, Say/
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Wow...It feels so weird to think you won't be part of the team anymore. I mean, you're Say. *hugs* We'll all miss you so much. Try to come back to say hi every once in a while? It won't be the same without you, Say. <3
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Quote from: Boogeyman on October 05, 2007, 01:02:37 AMAs a going-away gift, I am giving you your very own frog!
As a gift from the forum, would it be alright to give Say the Supah Dupah Almighty Cookie to keep?

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And you can't forget the coffee! Say, you're in our hearts! We love you.

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It's definitely going to be weird not having you around the forum Say... You're one of the posters I remember from the days in which I would lurk before joining. XD

Don't let anyone tell you that you failed as a PR rep. You gave us updates as much as you possibly could, and during the dark days in which the project was shut down you handled the floods of questions very well, and if my memory is correct you never lost your patience....

Your presence here was a very positive one indeed, and though I never got to know you as well as some of the other forum members, I'll definitely miss ya! :)

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*sneaks to back into the forums*

<3 Say, I am sure people would miss you!  :-\ :(

*sneaks off again*
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I hardly knew ye, but thanks for contributing to the one silver lining KG fans left. (pun intended)
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The words of such ignorant ants should be ignored as the mindless drivel that it is. Say, I didn't get to know you that well, and I sorely will miss the opportunity. Good luck in whatever you choose to pursue.

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*hugs Say* :(

I hope you return once the game is finished! Please take care of yourself and don't overwork yourself.
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Say, the forum will all miss you, and as stated above, your legacy will live on, to all forumers who hear your name and the work you've accomplished. You've done something that no one I've ever met could possibly do. You kept the community informed as much as possible, and I, along with the entire forum community, will miss you sorely and dearly. You've been an amazing PR rep, and did a job better than anybody I know. Your succesors have a lot to live up to, but no one can ever replace you, Say. Your name will be emblazoned on this forum for all eternity. May you do well in your next endeavors, and always remember, this forum loves you so very much. You are ALWAYS welcome here at The Silver Lining!

*encourages big community hug and wipes away tears*
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 :'( I'm not good at expressing emotions into words, so don't expect a long post from me.
I just want to say that when I joined the forum (was it just the one or were there several, I don't remember), on much, if not all, the threads, Say was the last poster. She literally kept that forum alive when there were very few posting members. I truly thank her for the effort she put into that.
I believe when she was PR director, she did that job with the utmost dedication, and I truly commend her for that.
I too am saddened to see you go, Say, but I think I understand the reason behind your decision. I think your legacy can speak proudly for itself. The one who will have to 'fill your shoes' will have a hard act to follow.
Once again, my thanks. ;)
For the record: I support Neil's action to GunHoMac.
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Quote from: Yonkey on October 03, 2007, 11:14:14 PM
GunHoMac, your countless disrespect towards Say and the TSL team has occurred not just on this occasion, but dating back to April of this year and earlier.  You have been banned in the past for offensive comments, and were permitted back with the understanding that you'd cease your negative behavior.  Clearly, you haven't, and your last post is ample proof.  Your posting privileges have now been revoked until further notice. 

*takes a breath*

Say, you've been with me from the time I've started, and the one who brought me into this team.  You have no idea how deeply saddened I am that you have decided to leave the team.  I wish the circumstances were different, and that there was something I could do to make you change your mind.  But, I also know that there are too many things outside of our control, and that I must respect your decision even if I disagree with it.  As I've said before, I understand why you must do this and how things will change without you here. 

You've created this website, nurtured this community, established this game and defended this project for years, purely out of loyalty and respect for the team.  I will never forget that, and I'm sure no one else will either.

If you do decide to return in the future, I'm sure the team and community will welcome you back with open arms.  And if not, I certainly will. :P

I wish you all the best, and if you ever want to talk, you know how to reach me.

Neil Rodrigues
Minor nitpick, but that ought to be either countless acts of disrespect, or ceaseless disrepect, or something of that nature.  :P Countless disrespect simply doesn't work, you cannot measure abstract concepts by counting. :P

Sorry, I am a pedant. :P


Yeah, I noticed that too the next day, but couldn't really be bothered at the time to fix grammar. XB

I think I added the word "countless" in, after checking to see how many of GunHoMac's posts were indeed offensive.  Since it exceeded the maximum number of 3, I didn't really bother counting any higher, thus "countless" was used. :P

So, I guess it should have been countless acts, occurrences or instances.  Any of the 3 would have fit. :)
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I will post briefly and say farewell Say and farewell to everyone else also because my posting will be limited to none in the future.  This forum is no longer the happy place it used to be for me and causes me too much stress with too many arguments and people having too many problems.  I hope I have added a little something with my posts in the past and not just caused too many conflicts with my views on religion and politics.  Take Care and May The Peace From Around Us reign supreme in our Hearts.

and with a final  ;)  I am now gone till later!

See Ya!
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Farewell, Dew7. This forum has been graced by both of your presences, and it will continue to prosper for a long time. I intend to stay as long as my school work allows me to. This forum will never forget the time you guys spent on the forum, and the time you contributed. Once a forumer, always a forumer. Every member of this forum brings something unique to the community, and each one will be remembered in their own way once they depart. I fare thee well on thy journey, and may thou journey through the Kingdom of Daventry once more. Thy kingdom shall hold thine arms wide for thou's return, if thou chooseth so. From the TSL community, farewell Dew7 and Say!
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