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Farewell TSL

Started by Say, October 03, 2007, 04:57:22 PM

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Quote from: Yonkey on October 08, 2007, 11:23:44 PM
Yeah, I noticed that too the next day, but couldn't really be bothered at the time to fix grammar. XB

I think I added the word "countless" in, after checking to see how many of GunHoMac's posts were indeed offensive.  Since it exceeded the maximum number of 3, I didn't really bother counting any higher, thus "countless" was used. :P

So, I guess it should have been countless acts, occurrences or instances.  Any of the 3 would have fit. :)
Ah well. XD It's not actually a big deal, I make mistakes like that at times. :P


Farewell, dew7. I am sad you feel about the forum in this way. You have certainly added your own unique style of posting into the forum and will be remembered by that. Take care! 8)
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I can't say how sorry I am to have seen this thread. I wish you the best, Say.
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I've spent most my 6 years as a kq9, er, TSL, supporter as a lurker.  Therefore, I never really got to know you, but I always appreciated your presence on the forums and how hard you worked to bring us whatever information you could.  You'll definitely be missed.

May you be rewarded for all the work you've put in here!


Farewell, dew7. I sure hope that the behavior of GunHoMac wasn't a factor in your leaving.
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Farewell, Dew...I hardly knew ye. :(
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Hey guys, I've a guy who's been a lurker, sometime poster on these boards for a while.

Remember people: at the end of the day, it's just a game. I don't know what's happened with what people, but it sounds to me like everyone involved in the project is walking around with their angry sticks out in the open. Which to the outside observer seems quite a silly waste of time because I've seen those pictures of everyone at your big meetings, everyone looking happy. Now everyone's wasting time being, well... not that.

Maybe there's been a lot of communication problems or something, I dunno. What I do know is that this is supposed to be fun. If someone leaves because of time considerations, etc. that's one thing: but if someone says they're leaving, and they ain't coming back? Something is clearly not right in mudville.

So if Cesar, Say, or that guy with 7 in his name are reading, well it's too bad things suck right now. But look, there's starvation in Africa, war in Iraq, and all kinds of really sad things going on right now. Whatever it is you're bummed about right now, I'm betting it could be a heck of a lot worse.

Petra Rocks

 Actually, after reading this thread I wondered if the team shouldn't just take a couple of weeks off and cool down\recover. :P This place is not what it was. When I first came here I saw a happy place, one of the most welcoming forums I had ever seen. It had a refreshing happy-go-lucky carefree nature, an optimism and joyful insanity I do not see often enough. Now I see a handful of people going through the motions, sticking their word into the game in an endless row, more here out of habit than anything. Now I look at the team members and they seem short-tempered and like they haven't gotten a nights sleep in a week. 

Maybe it is inevitable. A man cannot step into the same river twice said the sage, for the second time neither the man nor the river will be the same. I certianly do not expect this post to change anything. Still, seeing Nilans post I have to concur, and voice the wistful feeling I get when I think about this place. Things are not what they were, and my heart say they never shall be again.


No offense, Petra, but if I read you correctly, we're not concurring.

I didn't write that as a lament for what's past. I'm not a believer in fate, curses, superstition or whatever. It's the matter of perception. It's never the place that sucks, it's the people thinking it sucks. And if that's the only thing going on, it could change tomorrow.

All thing pass. Even suck-age.

The important thing is what the project is, and if you're going to do it anymore. And for the project to die now to acrimony, restlessness and yes, according to some I read, apathy, would be simply absurd. These people took on City Hall and WON. Cripes man, who DOES that? Well, they did. And if I'm not mistaken, they weren't exactly a group of people particularly experienced in the matter at the outset.

And now after all that work and all those years it's falling apart for the sake of a little ill will? That's like running the Marathon and quitting as you're about to re-enter the Olympic Stadium. Good God, just give the thing to me and I'LL finish the bloody game.

Pick yourself up, keep going, never surrender and all that jazz. Even if this forum isn't fun anymore, once that game's out there, there's going to be more collective happiness from all the many people downloading and playing it than there ever was here.

Petra Rocks

Sorry, I think what I said sounded a little different than what I meant. Most of that was my private lament for times gone by, and that had nothing to do with what you were saying. I agree with you the team is looking a little frazzled, based their public comments. I am not suggesting they quit, that would really simply not do at all after what they have been through to get here.  Nor do I discount that it is possible things will improve again in time. 

I miss what I saw here once. I think it a great pity things changed the way they did. But none of that has much to do with the game or POS, and I am certianly not suggesting everyone just pack up and leave.  Sorry, I mixed the two things I was trying to say together and the result didn't work very well. ;P


The forum community today is quite different from that of past years, but it changes every year so it's no big deal really.  The team goes through changes as well (i.e. technical, organizational, real life priorities, etc), but those changes usually aren't publicized. 

What Nilan said is correct: this is just a game.  However it's a game we've spent years developing, and a game that we still care about completing as soon as possible.  Now, not everyone shares these same feelings.  Some people don't care about the timeframe, some people don't care about completing as soon as possible, and some people just simply don't care period.  I honestly can't say I blame any of them for feeling this way.  It is hard work to develop a game.  It's even harder to develop one for free.  And it's even harder with all the other issues that pop up which negatively impact development.

But, this frustration won't last forever.  Eventually the game will get done, tested and released.  The years of dedication & hard work will be worth it.  Right now though, it's a matter of priorities.  For me, even though I find the forum & website more fun to work on, at the moment, the game has higher priority.  Or to put this another way, in order for Production to succeed, PR has to take a backseat.  We've tried to keep the two groups separate for years, but they're too interconnected.  Production has always been lagging behind while PR leads.  Obviously, that strategy doesn't work, so in order to move forward we literally have no choice but to switch gears and change direction.
"A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."


I must admit that the forum has changed tremendously since I had first joined. PR should take a rest, and besides, I think that the community knows a lot about TSL as is. Community updates aren't neccesarily needed right now, in my opinion. It's good to keep the community informed, but right now the priority should be finishing the game. The PR department has done an outstanding job, and I think it's time to let them have their rest. They've outdone themselves promoting the game, and in the midst of the VU incident, they went above and beyond the call of duty. But I think it's time to allow production to speed up, and let the engines cool down.
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Goodbye Say. I'm sorry to hear you're quitting the team. I appreciate all you've contributed, and I wish you the best in life.

For the rest of the team, I still believe in you. You have my support, and I'm always willing to do anything I can as a fan to help.

I know you guys have your hearts in this game, and as fans that makes us have our hearts in you. I hope you won't let the little things bother you, and won't let the pressure from our end get to you. Because, to hell what some pessimists might say, we won't stop believing in y'all and we'll wait as long as it takes.


Quote from: Nilan on October 13, 2007, 02:19:57 PM
So if Cesar, Say, or that guy with 7 in his name are reading, well it's too bad things suck right now. But look, there's starvation in Africa, war in Iraq, and all kinds of really sad things going on right now. Whatever it is you're bummed about right now, I'm betting it could be a heck of a lot worse.
Mhmm, but Cesar, Say and Dew7 may not have experienced what the people in Africa and Iraq have experienced. Therefore this could be a really major thing for them.
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<removes invisibility cloak>

Dear Lady,

Thank You so much for your immense contribution and selfless work towards resurrecting our ancient and well loved tale of Daventry.

I rarely say boo but have been lurking for years and appreciate all that you and the rest of the team have done. Watching this miraculous return from the dead of one of the earliest animated games is a delight.

A large part of the credit goes to yourself for showing us the way of things to be.

<bows and sweeps hat along the cobblestones in salute>

Fare thee well in thy journey renowned adventurer!



I haven't been on the forums for quite awhile and just got done reading about what happened. We're really going to miss ya say. I just can't believe the team would fire ya. I've said it before and will say it again. The TSL team has such slim chances of ever releasing TSL due to the arguing about developement which we the fans did not know of until it was to late. Say was fired off the team probably because she wanted to release a large update but the team argued not to due to possible fan excitement. Which would make them believe TSL was coming out. And in response to what Gohomac said here's what I say "How dare you be rude to Say she was just doing her job and she was only doing what upper management said. Now that I have done my job of explaining what was going to happen and has already happened I will also have to leave like dew7 has and wish to say farewell to everyone on the TSL forum.  ;)



I believe it's been said before...Say was not fired. She walked away on her on volition. Which, I believe, has been stated by several of the team members.
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*chuckles* Excellent noah, your comment gave me some little amusement at the end of a long day. Craziest thing I have heard since behaviorism, or maybe Zeno. :P