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The Exchange Student Episode 2: POINT CLUB released

Started by dimidimidimi, October 17, 2007, 05:21:59 AM

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(12th of October 2007) Point Club, the second episode of the new interactive sitcom The Exchange Student, is now available for PCs at A Macintosh version will follow soon.

Mischief. Mayhem. Gel!

Pan Metron Ariston is pleased to announce that the second episode of The Exchange Student interactive sitcom series, named Point Club, has now been released for PCs. A Macintosh version will follow in the next few days as well.

The Exchange Student is a new episodic comedy game starring Emilio Carboni, a 22 y.o. Italian student who has never had a girlfriend in his entire life. In Episode 1 of The Exchange Student, the Italian Casanova was too tired of being neglected by the Italian girls and he decided to go on an exchange studying program to Sweden. His parents were not happy with his choice but Emilio was determined that at the age of 22 he was ready to take his first big step towards adventure and love!

In "Episode 2: Point Club", Emilio Carboni, the most prestigious aspiring philanderer of modern times will join the Point Club, a group of men trying to outdo each other on a race for love and passion. Emilio will have to face grim competition with the likes of Pedro, Miguel and Mathias also constantly attempting to charm beautiful Swedish girls. Is Emilio going to have any luck on this dog-eat-dog quest?

The second episode features three times longer gameplay time than episode 1, more challenges and problems to solve, 26 characters (27 if you consider an inflatable doll to be a real person), 18 backgrounds and many new music tracks. Ex-Lucasarts artist Bill Eaken once again adapted Swedish scenery to the game's wonky graphic style using flamboyant colours and cartoony shapes.

The trial version of Episode 2: Point Club is available for download at the official website ( and the full version can be unlocked within the game for the price of 8 Euros (equivalent to $11). Episode 1: First Day in Sweden is also available for download at the official website and the full version or this one costs now 6 Euros (equivalent to $8) as the initial price of 10 Euros was reduced with the release of Version 1.2 .

The Exchange Student is a series that should appeal to those who enjoy TV cartoon shows like Johnny Bravo, games like Leisure Suit Larry and Curse of Monkey Island and TV sitcoms like Friends, That 70s Show and Married with Children. 

The game blends classic adventure gameplay into the casual game format, making the pace of progress faster and simpler so that the gamer can practically be entertained even if he/she only has a little time to devote into gaming. Featuring a simple point and click interface The Exchange Student requires a minimal learning curve making the game appropriate for both hardcore and casual gamers. At the same time however, the developers have seen to it so that the level of interactivity remains high throughout the game and that The Exchange Student is not just a click-through experience. The Episode 1 sales statistics suggest that Pan Metron Ariston is on the right track as over 40% of the customers so far are female gamers.

Episode 3: Pointless is scheduled for release in Q1 2008.