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King's Quest 3 Remake?

Started by kittensoft, September 21, 2007, 12:56:39 PM

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Anyone played it? I just finished it now, didn't take me too long (though...ack, I still don't like the timed parts with Manannan...they're WAY easier than in the old version though...)

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I played it on the day it came out. And yay some of it sucks. They should have done a Plus version IMO.
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It was okay if you are talking about the one from Infamous Adventurers.  I did prefer the 2 King's Quests from AGD Interactive.  I hope that Quest for Glory 2 is released there by Christmas but I am doubting it since it seems like they still have lots of work just like TSL team does.
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Quote from: PirateKingChris on October 16, 2007, 04:19:51 PM
Welcome Kary! You're not the only person who's never beaten KQ III ;)
Same here.  I seriously need to play KQ3VGA one of these days.
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Quote from: Yonkey on October 16, 2007, 04:30:30 PM
I seriously need to play KQ3VGA one of these days.
I love it, particulary the extra stuff they added that give the characters a little more depth. :D


I got rather stuck in KQ3VGA. Even though I've got all of the ingredients to make the pudding for Mannannan, when I try to conjure it, it takes effect onto myself and I'm all finished. I must be forgetting something but I have no idea as to what. I have finished all of the the originals though, probably thanks to my KQ Companion, and VII to a separate hint book.
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You have an item from the shelves behind you, an item from the store, the hair, the magic wand, the bowl, and the spoon?


I HAVE VGA I just wanna sit down and play alot of it at once when I've got time for it.
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I've played it through many times. A few different times for when I was making the two videos about it, a time or two for getting information straight for my fanfics, other times when I needed random references for something, and just because it is my favorite game of the series, after all. :P


*chuckles*  Wow - this talk of KQ3 reminds me of Elementary
School... I remember writing and illustrating stories based in KQ3
and SQ2.  Ugh  *shudders*  I'm scared to see what they look
like to me now...

As for the KQ3 remake... I haven't finished it yet, though
I've gone through a bit of it thus far.
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