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Farewell TSL

Started by Say, October 03, 2007, 04:57:22 PM

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Hello etc etc.

   I can't help but find it amusing that there are people who would go out of their way to make a Public post regarding a person whom they have never personally met or worked with, for the sole purpose of humiliating them.

    It has been years since I worked under Kq9 as Pr Director, and I can surely say that back then thing's were not easy. I can't pretend to imagine how things work now, but the fact remains that TSL is still undergoing and by the looks of it, progressing at a steady pace. There have been a lot of arguing and bickering and basically we all had our differences, especially when it comes to me and Say.

    As far as back as I can remember, she worked diligently day and night to help promote and build TSL across the Internet. In fact, if I recall correctly one of the main reasons Yonkey was hired, was because there was too much work to be done and ofcourse she could not handle it all by herself.Not to mention the fact that she also did work for other departments as well. I still remember how long she worked building this whole site, and I still remember pushing her to do a Flash site. On numerous occasions would fights ensue amonst us all, but her commitment to this project always led her back and ALWAYS did she bear fruit, so to speak. Every person has their own way of doing things, I don't see how anyone could complain with what is to show up to now...

    In any case, I said my piece. If you want someone to blame, blame people like me.

  Have fun and Happy belated New Years etc


Thank you, Say.

God bless you, and take care.

You are missed.

I don't debate, I ramble with STYLE!



I miss her a lot!  :'(
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