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oh no...not another birthday, I'm no longer young!

Started by Rosedragon, November 06, 2007, 03:05:54 PM

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It's that time of year when my birthday comes around, the end of the year, i hate it, once again I look back and think what have i acomplished, what have i done with my life? blah, I try, I try to finish all of the stories I have written, but they just drag on and on... I go on with my drawing and painting, I try to finish those stupid stories and come up with ideas, I am coming up with ideas to illustrate them and make a comic book... but I just feel like such a failure some days. As if I am wasting my life. I'm getting old. I'm another year older and I hadn't really finished anything. Alright, I'm only 26, and I will be 27 on 11/28, but I just feel like my first youth has past, I won't be a teenager or in my early twenties ever again.  I just hate the idea that in 3 more years I will be 30! I really, REALLY, REALLY,  DO NOT WANT TO TURN 30! I'll be middle aged then. I want to stay young forever. So many of the people I know on the 'net are younger than me.

What really disapoints me is that I do not have romance in my life. I'd like to blame it on my parents, they keep me from dating. i can't drive, i never go out on dates. I'd like to have a boyriend. I want a soul mate, a true love, a husband. That is what a desire most. I must find this man in order to be complete. I feel like crying because I am lonely and I don't know where or how to find a good boyfriend.  I am religious, a Christian, and I am waiting for him, I believe god will lead me to the right man.

Any way, things are not so bad, I do have a good life but someone talk to me and tell me how they feel when it comes time for their birthdays. 

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I always thought 45 or 50 was middle-aged, not 30. :P 

Anyway, I sort of know what you mean by how time just keeps ticking away, and it feels like you're not moving forward at all.  A lot of my friends my age already have been working for a few years, and some of them are already married.  I'm like years behind where I should be, going by "those" standards.

And yes, I know what you mean about the whole soulmate thing.  I often feel like there's a huge piece missing from my life -- a void that friends, work, and family can never truly fill.  But you'll meet the right person when you least expect it.  I haven't been actively looking for a girl, mostly because it doesn't rank high on my list of priorities at the moment. 

As for dating, well... these days "dates" aren't as cliche as they once were.  Sometimes people go on group dates, which is more like going out with a group of friends and meeting up with other people.  It's obviously very different from being 1-on-1 with someone, but it's more fun and less pressure. 

So, my best advice is to put yourself out there.  I'm guessing your parents prevent you from dating because they're a bit too overprotective.  You just have to sit down with them and explain to them that this is your life, not theirs.  You have to live it the way you choose to.
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I know exactly what you mean about writing...I have all these ideas and barely have anything accomplished with it...In fact alot of what you said is how I've been feeling about aging, and not accomplishing anything. I turned 25 this year and had that panic about being closer to 30 than 20...I freak out when younger women think I AM 30, because I always looked younger than my age before now, and now I look older than my age? How depressing :P
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I turned 19 this year back in May. I was whinging, I didn't wanna leave the immature times behind... so I didn't. :P

The point is, no matter what, you're gonna get older. So atleast try to do something that you enjoy, so you can look back and be happy with the things you've done.

Being a typical hypocrite however... I don't do that. :P
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My best friend loves to say that if you add the two numbers of her age together, that's how old she acts...and if you multiply the two numbers, that's how old she looks. She's 27 :P

The fact of the matter is, you can always be young at heart. I'm 24 and I LOVE working with kids...I'm a speech therapist in the schools. I wear earrings that match any holidays coming up (let me tell you, the children loved my pumpkin earrings), and am fun-loving. Of course, that doesn't keep me from being stern with them when they start acting up. I have another great friend who's just a couple years younger than my parents, and she and I get along wonderfully. We enjoy the same things...we went to the Renaissance festival this last year, and both of us dressed up!

I agree with Neil about you needing to talk to your parents. They may be afraid to let you grow up and get out on your own because they remember you as a child. You need to sit down with them and explain that it's time for you to grow up, that you're almost 27. If they're worried about you, you can promise to keep tabs. But, it's about negotiating. However, if you can afford should move out! Sometimes, that's what it takes for a parent to realize that you really are grown up.

Oh, and if they were married and had kids by the time they were 27, maybe you should bring that up. Find out everything they did when they were your age and younger, and ask why you haven't had the chance to experience that.

Of course, always do it in a loving manner. As a fellow Christian, I know it is important to respect your parents. But parents are also supposed to help their kids grow up and be adults of their own.
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