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Started by Bludshot, January 03, 2008, 10:32:33 AM

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I discovered this site awhile ago.  But it still amazes that there are still so many fans for this wonderful series both young and old.  Not only that, but that you guys have dedicated I don't know how many years to making this game, and somehow survived with some killer bumps along the way, from Vivendi trying to shut down the project to simply commiting so much of your lives to a game series so few people even remember anymore.

Just another supportive thread for you guys.  Hope the beta is working well. :)
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Thanks Bludshot. :)  Yes, it's definitely been a long and difficult journey but I'm glad that we're finally entering the testing phase of development. 8)
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Quote from: Yonkey on January 03, 2008, 05:48:47 PM
but I'm glad that we're finally entering the testing phase of development. 8)

So am I!  ;)
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Me three! :D Thank you, Bludshot for your kind words. I know the team really appreciates it :)
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I have to say 'ditto' to everything Bludshot says. Keep up the good work everybody!

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