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Freak! Iceberg Lettuce

Started by koko_99_2001, May 13, 2007, 12:40:38 PM

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It's melting! :o

I'll save it! *eats the lettuce* :raf:
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Throw it in the boiling water! :suffer:
2 (14.3%)
First you take the cabbage's bottle, now this? :(
3 (21.4%)
Put it in a safe place with the snowman! Wait... or did we let it melt in that thread? ???
4 (28.6%)
Why you... *whacks whoever ate the lettuce* XB
3 (21.4%)

Total Members Voted: 14


Be nice to the lettuce! >:(

And don't forget to vote!
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Put it in a safe place with the snowman! Wait... or did we let it melt in that thread?

lol, I actually remember looking at that thread. :P

*doesn't remember outcome either*
*Subjects iceberg lettuce to the same fate, whatever that was*

I hope it was good. :suffer:


* takes the lettuce and serves it on a plate to all the members of TSL *
Mwahahahaha :devil:
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Put it in a safe place with the snowman! Wait... or did we let it melt in that thread?
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I actually already ate some at dinner. XB
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I'm putting it in the freezer with the miniature snowman made from freezer frost XD
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First you take the cabbage's bottle, now this?

First you're mean to the cabbage, now the lettuce, what next? Be mean to all other salad ingredients? lol  ;D

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*remembers the snowman's fate and is at a loss as to what to do with the cabbage as she doesn't wish to subject it to yet a worse fate* :-\ *calls a parliament and lets her peers handle it* :suffer:
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Why you... *whacks whoever ate the lettuce* XB

That was supposed to be thrown in the boiling water! (How else do you make cabbage rolls? I'll bet Alexander is actually Ukrainian. ;-D)
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I ate some and EGADS!  Is that cold!   ;D
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