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Wisdom Teeth

Started by tessspoon, September 18, 2007, 06:51:15 PM

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Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out?

13 (43.3%)
3 (10%)
Not Yet
5 (16.7%)
Don't have any yet to take out
3 (10%)
And lose my wisdom? ::P
6 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 30


I got the IV. The anaesthetic burned as it went up my arm. When the burning sensation got to my head, I was out.


I had the IV too to put me under, but I don't remember a burning sensation going up my arm. I had them removed when I was 14. All I can remember is waking up and having trouble walking to the car where my mom waited for me.


They are not a disease, but they can cause problems. I remember looking at an X-ray and I saw all my teeth being pushed forward because my wisdom teeth were coming in incorrectly and moving everything around.


It is just a human variation, god I did learn something in Anthropology! They are not any use to have a third set of molars. There is a growing trend of people being born without them. It is just a mutation in the chromosomes. Eventually, wisdom teeth will be a thing of the past.


Back-in-the-day when people lost teeth the wisdom teeth crowd the others to fill the gap. Now-a-days losing teeth is not really a problem so when they come in they have no place to go and force your other teeth to do bad things.

I remember one of my wisdom teeth was growing at an almost 90 degree off vertical and another one was at about a 45 degree. Both bottoms I think so they told me I had to have the tops taken out as well as they would grow to far since they wouldn't have the bottoms to guide and stop them. Strange I know but that's how I remember it.  ???
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Hmm.. I can only feel the top right wisdom tooth... the gum seems to end sooner on the left.

Err... anyway, I've never had trouble with the top wisdom teeth, but a couple of months back the bottom ones were coming through. It was painful, but not worth getting them removed.
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I got them removed when I was a teenager; so being that my parents paid for the removal (thank goodness), I don't know how much it costed.

But on top of what has been said, wisdom teeth should only recommended to be removed if they are coming in at a bad angle. My wisdom teeth were coming in at a 45° and pushing my other teeth forward. It hurt a looooot to open my mouth.

If your dentist tells you to get the wisdom teeth removed even if they are coming in at an okay angle, I would have concerns about that dentist in particular.


I'm 23, and my wisdom teeth still haven't shown yet. XD I hope that I won't ever need to have them removed.
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I was lucky I only had 1 and I had it removed.  They told me I should go to bed and relax afterwards and not do anything strenuous.  Ofcourse my sister was taking her daughters down to the creak and asked me if I would come.  So I went with them and wound up carrying a kid home ::)


I don't know if I've chimed in on this yet... but I had all four of my wisdom teeth out at the same time... and another tooth... which they took out so they could pull another tooth into place with the chain they attached to it at the same time... my braces experience was... ... ...arduous... though that wasn't quite what I was going for :P
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I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out at the same time too. They were growing in on an angle and were going to rip up the nearest molars in the process. My mouth is too small for so many teeth. I had had four other teeth removed a couple years before that. 8 teeth! :'(

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