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Help me out please :D

Started by jewelkid87, June 03, 2008, 05:11:11 PM

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Hey everyone!

Will you do me a favor please? I entered a singing contest and I have until June 5th to get 100 listens on my song. I just learned the song today so I hope its okay lol. Could you please listen to it so I can be eligible for the contest? THANKS! :D Here is the link...its on myspace...

p.s. if you want you can listen and comment my other songs as well :D

Remember, you will be helping out a fellow kings quest fan!! :D


Aww, it's not licensed to my region, so it wouldn't let me listen to it, but I tried! I hope the other forumers can be of more help than I was. :(

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That was excellent! You have a great talent in singing and you just learned it today too. Two thumbs up!! :D


WOW! For a song you just learned that was very good.  :thumbsup: I've never heard the original.

My only critique would be to add a little emotion in parts. There are some sad parts that you can draw out the emotions on. (I hope that made sense.  ???)
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Thanks for listening guys! I was getting so frusterated while singing it because its like 100 degrees in my house, and my mic has a short so I have sit really still while singing and I have dial up so i have to wait for the song to load LOL. Im just glad I finally got through it without it messing up lol. Thanks guys!


Wow!  :o  That was beautiful!
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Quote from: Merlin on June 03, 2008, 05:15:01 PM
Aww, it's not licensed to my region, so it wouldn't let me listen to it, but I tried! I hope the other forumers can be of more help than I was. :(
I have the same problem.
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That was absolutely awesome! Loved it! Great job :D
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Im writing to tell you guys that I didnt win, but thanks for helping me out! :D There will be more contests in the future so I will probably be entering those. If you would like to hear the winners go to the link below.