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How Long Have you Been Here & Memories

Started by TheReturnofDMD, December 05, 2008, 10:59:19 PM

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As we near the long and winding road of the game's development, I have to ask you all: How long have you all been here and do you have any special memories of the forum or of the game's development or of any people here? Let's see some of your earliest posts, get a little humor in here.

I've been here since 2003. 5 years. I was 13 then, and now I'm 18. I pretty much went from being a kid to an adult through the course of my membership here.

I haven't gotten to know some of you as well as I wish and would like to, in the future, get to know some of you better.


Hi, I'm Merlin (Formerly Warlock).. I joined in 2004.. this was my first post:

Quote from: Warlock on October 29, 2004, 06:06:13 AM
And just what are you going to do about it?

Hey I'm new here at the forums (duh)  :P so give me a big salute before I draw my wizard staff !  :D

And then the magic just continued on from there. My favourite memories of this place are just the random goofball moments that occur every now and then. There are also a lot of awesome people who hang around here, which is only a plus!

I must admit I too would like to get to know more people from around here. :)

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Hi, I'm tessspoon, also know as Tessy. :P

I officially registered on Jan 11, 2006, but then forgot about the site until November, soon after I started college. Posting to this forum and meeting all the great people here has been one of the defining characteristics of my college years, and has helped greatly in me learning to be more social and managing my SAD. :)

I have a lot of good memories of this place, including reading through all the wacky threads for the first time, getting my pirate thread, participating in posting sprees, organizing the birthday card for TSL, creating smileys and signatures for contests, becoming a fanatic... the list goes on and on. It's been a blast. :D :yes:

My third post (my post in the introduction thread):
Quote from: tessspoon on November 20, 2006, 09:54:43 PM
Hey all!
I found this project a couple years ago when it was just getting started, then forgot all about it. Then I found it again at some point and now I am totally obssessed with this game!

And I have to mention, I've been reading through a lot of the threads and now evertyime I see storm's avatar i get an image of it killing connor in my head.  :o

This forum is so cool. Wished I discovered it earlier.



If you don't know who I am, you really need to post more. ;P

I registered in March 2003, and joined the team in May.  The funny thing is that I wasn't even planning on joining at first.  I just saw how much fun everyone was having in the forum, and decided to join! The rest is history.  8)

I have many Forum memories, both good and bad.  Each year, we had a different set of forum regulars that were active which shaped the entire community.  The result was like living in a completely different society every year! :D

This place has always felt more than just some message board to me, mainly due to the people behind the posts.  There are many that I miss who have moved on, but I'm glad they at least left an imprint on this community by being part of it.  I also really appreciate those of you around here that are still quite active.  You guys continue to make this place fun and enjoyable to visit. :)

My introductory post no longer seems to be on the forum, but thankfully someone happened to quote it a couple years ago, so I was able to find it:
I just stumbled upon this site a few days ago.  I was wondering whatever happened to adventure games, Roberta Williams and what happened after that horrid Mask of Eternity.  I'm extremely happy that the fans are continuing the King's Quest legacy, staying true to the classic style of the games (no run-shoot-and-kill garbage) while incorporating 3D!

I've played Kq1 or 2 (I was so little, I have no idea which one it was back then),  4, 5, 6 and 7.  I didn't like the idea of having someone not from Daventry be the lead character in MoE, so I never played it.  From that point on, I noticed games were changing to more multi-player shooting 3d games (which I didn't like) and so I ended up giving up on games completely.

I'd like to be a part of the team too, but I can't apply right now.  I'm just a student and still have finals to write next month.  If it turns out that I'm not fully qualified for any position, I would still like to help out in whatever way I can.  I'll formally send an application around May or something, when I'd have more time to dedicate towards this project.

In the mean time, I'll be checking out these forums regularly and providing my input on things too!  Kq9 sounds like it's gonna be amazing!  Keep up the great work!
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I joined in April 2005, after having hung around the since the blue website. 8)

Old logo

I didn't have any intention of joining at the time, but I finally decided to join for the character voting.
Quote from: Elessar on April 12, 2005, 11:30:00 AMTawmis! Arrr...
Tawmis didn't win, to the disappointment of pirates everywhere, but I was hooked on the forum and stuck around, even though my posting rate is somewhat low (only 0.825 per day).

Anyway, here is my introductory post:
Err... I can't find one. :-\ I guess I'm technically a stranger here, as I never introduced myself. 8)
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Well, I'm Koko, but most people call me Cat here. I started out as a regular forumer, but moved to team member, then moderator, then Global Mod and Lead Beta Tester. I have so many memories! As Neil said, good and bad. I joined Feb 10, 2004, though I had joined my first post shows:

QuoteI'm BACK!!! yea!!! Granted, I wasn't here long before the server crashed, but I'm glad to be back.  I hate that we had to re-register, but I guess that's life.  See you guys later!


Let's see...the biggest thing is that two forumers are now together :P Who would've thought we'd meet on a gaming forum??

But memories such as when the game was shut down, and I was putting together the petitions to Vivendi to let them know how many people wanted this game to continue...and then finding out on Cesar's birthday that it was granted.

Gosh, I'm sure I have tons of other memories, but right now, I don't have time to post them all! :D
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i joined the forum in early 2005, but i'd have to check my profile to find out exactly when. but i roamed the forums long before i officially joined. i was around during the blue forum (i miss it so much...) and i roamed during the white website period. i miss those days so much... i have so many fond memories of this forum. it's because of tsl that i've become who i am. tsl has shaped me in many ways. i owe part of who i am today to tsl and everyone here. this was my first forum ever, and i will always have fond memories of it. there are just so many things to try to remember that i can't seem to pinpoint a single event, but rest assured that there are many things here i will always remember and cherish. and as for my first post, i'd have to go and take a look at it later (i'm in the middle of class right now...)
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I joined on March 11th, 2003, and have admittedly been really sporadic in my appearances in the last couple of years.

Either way, I found what I guess is my intro post:

"I'm kinda sorta new too!  I came across this in the hope that there was gonna be a KQ9, and I'm liking what I'm seeing!  As long as it isn't anything like KQ8, please!  Also, I can just about forgive ya if ya put Connor in, as long as the game isn't a KQ8!"

What a crazy bean I was back then.  Nothing like now, of course!
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I just want to make it known that the powers that be and the masses encourage me to reveal my true identity here!  Roberta!
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Been here almost two years. In some ways it feels like alot shorter a period of time, in some ways it feels like alot longer....But I'm very happy to have found the place and made some friends I plan on staying in touch with!
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Uh, I wish I could say I've been here for a long time, but I'm a newbie.   XB  I only registered in July of '08 so that I could download the demo, and I hadn't visited again since July until recently (though I had been lurking the boards for a year or so beforehand.)

I'm really glad that I finally started with the forum, though.  The regulars here seem like a lot of fun, goofy people and I'm glad I'm getting to know you all.  Long live King's Quest!   :-*
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For all those newbies who don't know, Erik (fataliomega) and I actually met here on this forum back in 2004. So the fact that now we're engaged and getting married is amazing. :D If it wasn't for TSL and this forum, we probably never would've met!
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Say was married to Micheal from here as well.

We're not as wacky as we used to be. Are wackier ones don't post as much anymore.  ???

The food fight was always fun to read. and the Asylum too. The Asylum hasn't been the same without CopyCat keeping watch over it.

We're glad to have you just the same. :D
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Yeah, but Say and Michael met elsewhere and then Michael joined the forum :P
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I joined back in March of 07 and I've been posting as much as possible ever since. Met alot of people here who I enjoy talking too as much as possible (though some I haven't seen in awhile :-\) Anywho, here's MY first post:
Quote from: PirateKingChris on March 24, 2007, 02:36:28 PM
I just want to introduce myself as this is my first post on these forums. I'm Chris from New Jersey. I stumbled (back) across this site last night doing a nostalgic search on wikipedia for King's Quest. I remember coming across this game back sometime maybe in 2005 when "KQ IX" was still part of the name, and sadly I must admit I'd completely forgotten the project. Its good to know that Vivendi has given their blessing as far as completing the project now that I've seen how far you've come. It looks like AMAZING work folks, I must offer my congrats to the entire team and thank them for what looks to be an incredible game. Not just an incredible fan game, this thing looks as good as if a professional production company (tha'ts being paid..heh) were working on it! I can't wait to see the final product! :)

Just one question though, about how long, approximately, in playing time, do you expect the first part, Shadows, to be?
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I've been here for a while.  Here's my first post.

Quote from: Pacman928 on December 06, 2005, 12:34:12 PM
umm, hi.  i'm new here and my name's michael.

kelsey, thanks for getting me here.

I still typed in lower-case. ;D

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I joined March of '08 so I've almost been here a year. I had no idea this game was even in production and I have my sister and her secretary job to thank for finding this and I have been fairly regular on this forum.

My first post was just a regular introduction but I don't know how to post the quote here  ;D


Here is waltzdancin's 1st post:
Quote from: waltzdancing on April 01, 2008, 09:51:49 PM
I am new here and I just wanted to say hi to everyone  and I am excited that someone is making a new adventure game for KQ. I also want to encourage the TSL team on what a great job they are doing. Keep up the great work guys  :)

As for me, I have been here since august, almost half a year I think.  I wish I had been here longer.  I have posted a lot for how long I have been here I think, and I have certainly had fun.  I really started liking it when I saw how much I actually fit in to it, you appreciated chessy and scrooling and all that, you like KQ, and all that, it's hard to find people like that.  I have had a GREAT time. ;D
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I joined back in early 2004. I remember we used to have a lot of great times. We would have these massive MSN Messenger chats with a ton of us that would go on for hours. I remember I started posting because of the flash games that were on this website. I used to have a bit of a rep around here for changing my handle nearly constantly. I still come around here sometimes and skim the forums and I notice a lot of people I remember don't seem to be around anymore, like Louisiana Knight. Whatever happened to that guy?
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