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King's Quest IX future...

Started by Say, January 04, 2004, 07:38:45 PM

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What should be the future of King's Quest IX?

1. Released as freeware on this site, unaffiliated with anyone or anything but ourselves
16 (80%)
2. Created and published under the Sierra banner, with the developers, writers, artists, etc. getting paid
2 (10%)
3. Released as freeware on this site with Sierra's special permission, paying them a royalty of some sort
1 (5%)
4. Shut down the project as it is, because we're violating copyrights and stepping on toes
0 (0%)
5. Shut down the project because nobody but Roberta Williams could make a real King's Quest
0 (0%)
6. Publish it ourselves and market it as either shareware or pay for advertising and selling on the shelves of Best Buy
1 (5%)

Total Members Voted: 19


This one its kind of interesting, Im curious how this will one turn out! please vote and comment everyone!, thanks :)

Say Mistage
Phoenix Online Studios

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guess who voted first! :D hahaha :P oh yeah me ;)

I voted #1!, which its not so far from the reality anyways :P

Say Mistage
Phoenix Online Studios

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I'll vote for the project being shut down... I just haven't decided yet if it's because of the copyrights violation or because no one but Roberta can make a KQ  :suffer:
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Quote from: Say on January 04, 2004, 07:40:09 PMI voted #1!, which its not so far from the reality anyways :P

I'm surprised at you, Say! don't you want to get paid?  ???
"Never argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."



Im seriously curious what will everyone vote around here :)
dont shut us down plz :P we <3 ya all :D

Say Mistage
Phoenix Online Studios

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Honestly Im more devoted than it looks like, so money or no money you are not getting rid of me so easy :D

I started on this project not being paid, so if there is any possibility of it may happen (getting paid)... yay!, and if there isnt(no money)... yay! haha, my hopes and efforts are put on the game being fully released, not actually on getting paid for it :)

whatever else its just a plus :P

Say Mistage
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I was undecided between 1, 2 and 3, but ultimately decided on 1.  I would have picked 2, but being released under the "Sierra banner" is what frightens me because that means they would own some part of it.  In order to pay us, they would have to market and sell the game too!   ::)

Number 3 seems just as possible as number 1.  But, since we're not making any profit on the game, the royalty they ask for might be too expensive for a fangame group like us.  :-\
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WTF! no money for $ierra!  >:(
not fair! :P

In fact.... lol, they can kiss my nakie angel's ass :D

Say Mistage
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Of course it should be #2, but, of course, that's not going to happen.  Certainly the creators of KQ9 deserve to get paid.  And it wouldn't be fair to have to pay royalties to Sierra when the game creators are not getting paid.  (Although I've been told that playwrights get royalties even when their plays are put on for free.)
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Allert van der Leij

how about releasing part 1 as freeware (as is the plan), and if the game is succesful, continue to work on parts 2 and 3 as a commercial company. That would be the best option possible. Of course we have to deal with sierra's rights, we'll figure that out when ( not IF ;) ) the time comes.

My two cents,

- Allert

p.s. I'll just vote for #1
Allert R.J. van der Leij
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Now seriously, I think the KQ9 team should decide what's best for it (to get paid, sued by Sierra etc.). As long as the game itself remains the same for all options, I don't care what way it comes out, as long as I can get it for free  ;)
"Never argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."


You ought to consider the downside of releasing the first part as freeware and waiting to see what the reaction of Sierra is.  If the first part is released as freeware and is enormously successful, Sierra might get an injunction to prevent you from releasing the remaining parts.  Then we'll never know how the story ends.  But if you offer all of the parts for download at the same time, then even if Sierra shuts down the entire project, we'll still have the entire game downloaded and will be able to play the entire game, regardless of what Sierra does.
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They could go with the Shareware model then - finish the whole game, release only the first episode for free and make you pay for the rest (of course this kinda goes against my own interest :P). Still a copyright violation, but at least those who bought the game would still be able to finish it if Sierra decides to pull the plug  ;)
"Never argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."


Myself, being Roberta Williams, thinks that this project is going to be good.  True, I'm the creator and everything, but it's fun to see the creativity of the younger generation.
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I had to choose between 1 and 6. No $ierra banner, and no paying anything to them, after all, it's them who shut down KQ, so I wouldn't want them getting anything for fans reviving the project. Shutting down the project is completely out of the question, ofcourse. KQ: RTS was very good too and RW wasn't part of that project so option 5 is also invalid. And 6 is already being discussed, although nobody voted for it, the shareware option. Anyway, I always prefer freeware over shareware.
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</inspirational words>

hehe ;}

If you guys can pull this off, I'll be your personal cheerleader. Or something. Just cuz I love ya.  :suffer:

Am curious though, if there's anyway I can help. oo' prolly not though, yer prolly packed of all the help y'kin get.
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I had to go with number 6 cos i enjoy opening the box and looking at the packaging and all that ;), its fun, exciting and it wastes time ;D
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Louisiana Night

"Created and published under the Sierra banner, with the developers, writers, artists, etc. getting paid"

Simply because I think that Phoenix should get paid. Then again, they might after KQ9 is finished.


Heck, if this game rocks then I would not mind paying a fee for it --- (say $20)
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