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Started by Say, January 05, 2004, 04:07:16 AM

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Today is Andrea's bday!! or so it says in our calendar :)

One year older!! ya old geezer ;) !!
Hope you have fun in your day and get cool stuff :D !!!!

Cuz she rulez and she's a cool girl I post this on general and wtf Im the boss I decide what goes where :D (so at least this should stay around here for a while :P)

Hope everyone stop by around here and wish her a pwetty day and stuff or I'll hunt you all down and kick your asses :P ( lol kidding ;) )

Say Mistage
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Happy Birthday Takari!!  8)

Quote from: Say on January 05, 2004, 04:07:16 AM
Cuz she rulez and she's a cool girl I post this on general and wtf Im the boss I decide what goes where :D (so at least this should stay around here for a while :P)
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Ahh... her first name is Andrea? What a cool name!

And yes, happy birthday, Takari!

* Jeysie offers virtual cake.

Peace & Luv, Liz


Happy, merry birthday, to you! ;D

*gives you a virtual present*
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A day or so late, but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go Takari, it's your birthday...we gonna party like it's your birthday

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Also belated, but Happy Birthday!  I hope you didn't eat any mangoes :D
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wtf! our bday girl is missing! :P

I hope she had a nice fun bday :D

Say Mistage
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We had a similar thread at the AGDI forums, so if you want to know more...


aawwie erpy thanks!

I already went there to say happy bday there too :P
I guess she likes you guys more than she does to us know lol :P

Say Mistage
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I still love you guys!  Thanks for the topic Say!  I wouldn've stopped by, but somp has been a dick and wouldn't load a few sites (this one included) for some reason...

And if you're confused about the me/Erpy thing going on, you'd have to have read the topic there that started it all like 8 months ago (I posted a link to it here, but that one and the original one are gone).
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I guess that's what happens if you have very little time on Monday to surf, only have enough time to spend on the off-topic forum on Tuesday, and thus only see this birthday thread on Wednesday, two days too late. :-\

Happy two-days belated birthday, anyway.

* copycat runs off for a few seconds to post a reply in the AGDI-topic, but not to wish Takari a happy bday though. :-X
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