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KQ and QFG

Started by Jstny, February 18, 2004, 06:51:02 AM

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I dont think thats particularly true... KQ set records and really made the adventure gaming industry what it is... KQ fans are die hard.

With that said, QFG is unique and no game has ever come even close to replicating it. It stands alone and no one loves it more than me... (well, maybe Lorey Ann Cole does...)

In other words... In story, creativity, drama, and puzzles, I choose QFG.  ;D

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I just realized that I have had all of QFG for over a year now.  As soon as I can VDM Sound to work, I'm going to try them out.
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Questing Character

I've played them both.  I love them both.
But I like QfG more.  Why?  Because of the detail.  How many people in the KQ games are simply referred to as "The Doctor" or "The Woodcutter" or "The Fairy"?  How many times do you pass through these teeny kingdoms that don't seem to have rulers or governments?
Like I said, I loved the King's Quest games.  But the Quest for Glory series just always seemed to be more real and more alive to me, so I liked it more. :)

Mary Jane

Hmm, the VDM Sound site seems to be down.  Does anyone out there have VDM Sound or another Sound Blaster like program that you could send to me?
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I kinda prefer QFG to KQ, though I like both series.
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My most favourite is all the King's Quest Games 8), then all the Quest For Glory Games 8).

Quest For Glory is very cool from beginning to end 8), but with one thing i hate. The building your skill for the Character, i hated that :P.

;D I made all the Walkthroughs of the KQ and QFG Games, here are the links to them for you to see.

:) I made the Walkthrough for KQ1VGA and KQ2VGA from the Site, plus i'll be making the QFG2VGA Game Walkthrough when it comes out. ;) I hope they make KQ3VGA and KQ4VGA, :-\ then i'll be making those Walkthroughs also. ;D

::) I know there are two Websites that are making KQ3VGA and KQ4VGA, so it makes no matter who finishes fist.

8) I'll also be making the KQ9 Game Walkthrough when it comes out, so i hope that Say and Cesar and Yonkey will put it on this site when i'm done with it. :-\


I've only played QFG 4, and based on that I'd have to go with KQ. I thought it was good though.

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