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READ ME! - Weekly Polls Info

Started by Yonkey, February 17, 2004, 05:48:25 AM

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Weekly Polls Info
The Weekly Polls are created by the TSL Web Team every week for the purpose of entertainment, discussion and voting on topics that range from interesting to really silly. ;D  Please remember to vote in these polls that you must be a registered member and must be logged in.  Click here to register and here to login.

Effective immediately, the Weekly Polls will now only be open for exactly two weeks.  This means you have two weeks to vote for that poll and after such time the poll voting will be locked.  The thread will still remain open for discussion, but voting will cease.

Lastly, all the polls in the Weekly Polls forum are official and created by the team.  If you would like to create your own poll, please feel free to do so in the appropriate forum.  However, please do not post a poll that has has already been previously created (either a Weekly Poll or by any other forum member), or your poll will be locked.

UPDATE:  If you would like to suggest a Weekly Poll that has not already been created, please contact: :dan:. :P
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