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More birthday!

Started by Jeysie, February 22, 2004, 10:03:12 PM

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Hey, I just noticed that the board says today is now Kurt/Cris' birthday! Welcome to being out of your teens, dude, and cheers to a fellow Pisces. I'm sure he'll read this later, because right now he's probably sleeping like any sane person. ;)

Peace & Luv, Liz


Yay! Happy Birthday Cris!!!!  ;D
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LOL, Im a horrible boss :( I didnt know lol.

HAPPEH BDAY CRIS!  <3 <3 <3 <3

bwahaha Im so emailing him  <3

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Happy Birthday Cris!!  :D

I didn't know either until I saw this!  ;D
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I read this awhile ago but I didn't have the free moment to post a thank you. It's been an eventful birthday to say the least.

Anyway, thanks a lot guys! I don't really frequent here and to see my b-day remembered...well, that's really cool. Thanks a lot guys!
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do not worryz, we are welcomez :D

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I'm still recovering from my awaynesses, so I didn't notice this thread at the right time. ;]
Anyway, better late than never, so a happy (belated) birthday Cris/Kurdt.
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