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Started by Say, February 29, 2004, 03:52:19 PM

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We also have available in the home section a little place to advertize our new features and related, the first box its called What's new, in here you may find an animated promos for each section you see in "current promos" now you can move back and foward to catch all the promos. Also we have new banners.

So Im going to start comment a bit on the promos, lol we have 2 new contest this month, the phrase contest and the game contest, both are due in a month, please go read specifics on each

ALSO! the online auditions are now available please go take a look

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awwiee thanks hahaha

I liked the games promo cuz i think its the most f***** up I've done so far, and my fav fav its the forums one <3 good god I love those smileys ;P

Say Mistage
Phoenix Online Studios

#IndieSupport <3


I agree the forum one kicks butt, my only concern is do we have an operational definition of “cool” vs “not cool”? Is it one’s personal view of their coolness factor or is their a yard-stick we’re using? I think I very well might be both…    :-[
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