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Re:Favorite Spell/Enchantment?

Started by outofhunk, March 01, 2004, 08:29:55 AM

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KQ3 - I always quite enjoyed turning Manannan into a cat.  ;D
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KQ3 -Gotta love the triumphant feeling of making that pain in the ass into a cat!! Also, becoming an eagle was pretty cool.

KQ4 - I loved riding the unicorn. Yay. And Cupid's arrow were fun. Not really spells...but magical!

KQ5 - the wand battle at the end was awesome!!

KQ6 - Ooohh, toughie. Map was cool. summoning the Night mare was cool, painting a door in the middle of nowhere was also fun!

KQ7 - I wasn't a fan of much of the magic here. But bring Tsepish back was nice to do.

KQ9 -  :suffer: :suffer: :suffer: :suffer:

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KQ6- the Magic Map, the invisible ink which was really cool but not really magic XD

K Q 8- the wizards house in Daventry with the quill that wrote on the paper ;-D

KQ9-  ???
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Actually, I'm gonna break form on this one. I really preferred the magic in the Kyrandia games to any and all of the Sierra adventures... Come on, turning into Pegasus using a Pegasus Potion is just plain awesome :).

But if I had to choose a few favorites from KQ/QfG they'd have to be...

-QfG1- Turning Baba Yaga into a frog.
-QfG4- Ad Avis using the Dragonfire spell (It looks cooler in this game than in the 5th one)
-QfG4- The Gypsy's morphing into wolves
-QfG4- Avoozl rising from the mountain (if you die at the end)

(uh... as you prolly can tell, I liked QfG4...  8)

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...No one mentioned turning Mannannan into a cat... I mean, cmon. Thats a classic :)

I don't debate, I ramble with STYLE!

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Quote from: outofhunk on March 01, 2004, 08:29:55 AM
KQ3 - I always quite enjoyed turning Manannan into a cat.  ;D

She did. :P


Haha, I can't believe Fatali missed the first reply in this thread.  I guess now we know who reads threads and who just replies blindly to them. ;P

Anyway, my favourite spell/enchantment was at the end of KQ5 with the match between Graham and Mordack.  :D
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This may not qualify as 'spell' or 'enchantment' but I always thought it was pretty freakin' cool when Alexander was able to bring Cassima's parents back from the dead in KQ6.


Yeah. ;D

My favorite spell would have to be the "turn into an eagle" spell, t'would be fun to fly. :)
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