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Happy Birthday, PK! (Not PKC!)

Started by Suzie, July 04, 2009, 03:39:51 AM

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Didn't see a thread old buddy so now you get one from me! Yaharr!

Happy Birthday!!

It's good to see such an old man still up and about! I hope you have a good one my friend. ;D

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LOL 99th Molly and Anne! XD

Happy birthday, PK!  Hope you're having fun on your trip! ;D
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Hey PK! I hope you had a great birthday! :D :D :D Be sure to fill us in! :D
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Happy Birthday! !!!  :cesar:
(To make it official in this thread.)
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ifeliz cunmpleaƱos, compadre!

Or is it Molly and Anne?  ;D
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