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Started by Rosella, November 18, 2009, 10:28:17 PM

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Ok, so there used to be this thread, and I think it started off as something cut off from another thread that had gone off topic, but I thought it was genius. Basically, it consisted of people posting links to them singing. I think people other than me even used it (like Cat!) :P

Soooooo...I wanted to revive it (again) but found that it had been (DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNN) archived. :(

So I decided I could either just post samples in my thread (presuming that hasn't been archived too XD) or start a new singing thread in the hopes that it would attract other musically inclined folks to post stuff too. It's obvious what I thought was the better choice. :P

Soooo, here's a link to me singing Ignorance by Paramore. Comment! Share! Post your own!

I have my heart set on this thread not dying again. XD
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Nice! XB

Pretty well done. I love Paramore! And this is a great thread idea. :)

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hmm... nicely done, indeed :thumbsup: ... also nice thread idea... I might participate... singing in Gaelic will hopefully mask terribleness :P... unfortnately, I lack a working mic at the moment...
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I remember a couple of singing-related threads, but they're probably all archived by now.  However, I am glad you decided to make a new thread rather than revive some ancient one. :P

Well done!  I think you actually sound better than Paramore there too. XD
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Lol, I remember that thread. I did so many recordings for that XD You sound great Kels! :D
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Nice!  I should record me singing some Backstreet Boys... :P
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Backstreet Boys... *shudders*

I found one of the old singing threads in the archives, but sadly, almost none of the links work anymore. :(

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