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Good Cause: Help Get Polio Vaccines to Kids Who Need Them!

Started by KatieHal, May 11, 2010, 09:40:13 PM

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Hey everyone, the wonderfully talented Amy Kurylo, our narrator and singer of "The Day You Were Gone," has a special request for anyone who's able to donate to a really great cause. In her words:

QuoteI'm part of an 18 piece jazz ensemble that is going to go to Europe to play to find a cure for polio. I will be singing at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland for two days. It's the epitome of Jazz festivals - like saying I'm going to sing at Carnegie Hall. Plus, I'll be in Paris, London, Liverpool and parts of Germany singing at concerts with the band - All to raise funding for Polio. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will match whatever we raise over there.
   Here's the dilemma. The trip will have to wait another year without the Montreux Jazz Festival if we don't raise a little more funding in the next 2 weeks.
   ... this is an opportunity for a lot of cool things. Helping kids, helping the band ... If nothing else, it's a great cause.

You can donate money and get more information here through their website:  <>

It is indeed a good cause, and doesn't just give our narrator a great opportunity, but also gives some kids who greatly need it a chance to get a vaccine for a potentially debilitating disease!

Katie Hallahan
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I don't get paid until Friday so I will definetly donate then. This is a great cause and I wish her the best of luck!


I just made mine! Go, Amy, wow them with your voice and talent! :D

Cesar Bittar
Phoenix Online


And I have now made my donation as well!  Good luck, Amy!  Break a leg out there.  It's fantastic that you're utilizing your gifts for this cause.

- Michael
Michael Fortunato
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I would looove to but I just don't have any extra money at all right now. :(
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