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TSL Composer announces debut album

Started by aHaynes, February 07, 2010, 06:55:09 PM

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you all know if you are interested, that my debut album titled "Evening Light" is available for sale. If you've enjoyed my music from TSL, I think you might enjoy more music from yours truly :-). The artwork for the album was also done by Michael Fortunato who is from Phoenix Studios as well and did a spectacular job I might add!!

The album consists of 10 tracks and is currently on CDBABY by going to and iTunes by going to

If you have a moment, take a listen. Here is description of the album:

Evening Light is about that special time when the sun begins to set and the color of the sky begins to change. The clouds begin to show colors of pink, red, and orange. It's about that experience that we all have in our own way and reflect upon. These tracks showcase that moment in time occurring in different places.

Album Artwork: Michael Fortunato
Mastering:  Lucky 6 Music Mix Ltd
All mixing, recording,and composition: Austin Haynes

Wishing you all a great week :-)!

Best Regards,

Austin Haynes
TSL Main Composer
Austin Haynes
Austin Haynes Music


Oooooh. You can consider me a customer. :D I'll be listening to it later. ^^
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Congratulations!  That's great news for you!  :james:
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Perpetually. ;D
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So that's how I will spend the rest of my itunes gift card I guess.
I'll listen to it as a whole tomorow and then post I guess.

Congrats, thats really cool, and based on the demo, the music is really good.
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Thanks you guys.

There is a whole lot MORE music from TSL that you haven't heard that I've done but you'll have to wait to hear those pieces for now :-).

As for my album, "Evening Light", I think you will all enjoy it very much! Let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you and if you can, it would be great to let other people you know about the album because there is nothing better than word of mouth.

Austin Haynes
Austin Haynes Music


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Hey, congratulations! I intend to give it a listen when I'm not in school (my internet here sucks...). I've loved every song you've done for TSL! I've got them all on my iPod! I've got no doubt that these songs are equally as good. You're very talented, Austin!
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Has anyone else listened or purchased the album with thoughts on it :-)?
Austin Haynes
Austin Haynes Music