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The Silver Lining - Cease and Desist

Started by Yonkey, February 27, 2010, 08:59:56 PM

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Quote from: RollingStone on March 27, 2010, 01:46:08 PM
Quote from: SurfnSwells80 on March 27, 2010, 12:49:55 PM
I would be ecstatic if this really happened:

Is this information even true?

Whether it is or not, I can't believe how rude and ignorant the comments are. "Admit that you've wasted ten years of your lives"?!  :no:

And people are still asking why we can't just take out all the KQ-related stuff?  :wall:   We get this question so much, I think we need to compose some kind of official standard answer. Maybe it could begin "Most people who suggest this haven't actually seen the game..."

Huh... that's funny... that had been discussed before sort of... and when the C&D came through, I thought that might be the solution...

Hey, you could call it KQIX then! :D ...or release it as a series of games!
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If we owned the IP, there is a lot we could do! XD  But, right now we're just trying to take things one step at a time.
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Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!! I fell out of my chair when I read that! I would gladly donate everything I had to you guys if you could by Kings Quest!! Keep your fingers crossed everybody!


I'd be happy to donate to, but if you guys owned the IP, would you let other developers use the characters and story for new games?


Again, I don't want to jump too far ahead, because all this is still hypothetical at this point and we haven't discussed the exact details yet.  But we would most likely have a proper procedure in place for evaluating licensing requests.
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Money seems to be the only way to get Activision to listen to any of us. I'm sure when the annoucement was made in Boston the room either shook or became very quite.


Right, we are getting ahead of ourselves... I'd just feel better about donating if I knew that you guys wouldn't do to others what Activision is doing to you.


They won't do that. What Activision did was cruel. Pheonix has heart and soul, it shows in the game they created. If something was terrible and it would ruin Kings Quest, I'd stop it. But the Kings Quest remakes 1-3, others in the works, I would allow them to come out. The difference is heart.


Quote from: alawi on March 27, 2010, 07:49:33 PM
I'd just feel better about donating if I knew that you guys wouldn't do to others what Activision is doing to you.
I'm pretty sure if we owned the IP that we wouldn't issue out C&D's, unless there was a very good reason to do so.  Basically, I can't answer a general statement like that without looking at each request on a case-by-case basis.

As for donations, don't worry about that for the time being.  We still need to hear how much it actually costs.
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I'm looking at a six digit number  :( I don't think Activision is going let us off that easily


This is intresting news indeed, looking forward to how it will develop. Tho the price of the IP 'ight indeed be costly.
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Like Neil has said, let's just play it by ear for right now.  It is quite an exciting prospect, with equally exciting possibilities... but let's not jump the gun just yet.  We all still have a job to do with the Save The Silver Lining Movement.  :)
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We are the first attack wave! With this news we are staying in the spotlight and applying pressure of Activision every day. At least they have to answer this one.


Quote from: I_am_so_nifty on March 21, 2010, 04:37:11 PM
All this talk of buying IP's...

Well, it may be a farfetched idea, but if Activision were to sell the King's Quest IP, maybe we could raise money to help POS buy it...

You know, if that were going to happen.

Just an idea.

Actually, as you can see, I mentioned this a while ago.

If this were to happen, I'd gladly donate. Or, you know, find a way to donate.
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I can also now disclose that we've already mentioned this idea to Activision directly just over a week ago, presenting our market data.  Hopefully they will now feel more inclined to respond back.
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Is there anyway to get someone to go to their headquarters? Mailings and emails are great, the public announcement was great too but has someone from the team gone to their main building yet? Seeing an actual person with everything might work too.

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This is my first post here and I want to say how much I applaud everyone for their efforts here. 

I never really felt the urge to join for one reason or another but I just wanted to let everyone, particular those headlining the campaign, that you've got another supporter ready to do anything to save this game.
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We've actually offered to meet them in-person from day one, but they needed the project to pass through the legal department first.  I think it's safe to say it has now finished "passing through", so yes, we would be completely willing to meet up with them and discuss.  They just need to get in contact with us and let us know. :)
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You guys are a whole lot nicer than me at this point. I would be in their lobby everyday after work. I became overly assertive this past summer and I have to rope it in at times.

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That is good news!  Lets hope things will continue to go well.
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