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Any TSL fans who are also Sam and Max fans?

Started by Bad Asp, March 02, 2010, 08:16:49 AM

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Bad Asp

I'm currently working on a campaign to save BOTH of LucasArts' Sam and Max games, in other words, Sam and Max Hit the Road and Sam and Max: Freelance Police.  Those games are the only two Sam and Max products in which both Sam and Max are voiced by their original actors, Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson.

Freelance Police has suffered the same fate that TSL is currently in... it was cancelled and then shelved by LucasArts for no reason when it was almost complete (I think like 70%-90%).  LucasArts then fired the people who worked on that project.  They also discontinued the sales of Sam and Max Hit the Road as well.

Those people that were fired then formed a company called Telltale Games, and worked on an episodic series featuring Sam and Max.

However, I feel that the current voices of Sam and Max in those games have not done the series any justice.  In my opinion, the current voice of Sam is too wooden, and the current voice of Max is too grating on the ears!  I wish Telltale would do what they did with certain episodes of Tales of Monkey Island where they updated them to integrate Earl Boen's LeChuck voice.  I don't know why Telltale seems so complacent with their new actors to hire the old actors back.

This, combined with the fact that the original actors' games are still being shelved by LucasArts, means that there hasn't been a single Sam and Max product sold legally in the United States FOR FOUR YEARS.

If you want more information, my site can be found here:

You can also visit my YouTube page, and see a video showcasing the history of voice acting throughout the Sam and Max series:

Any response to this message would be appreciated, thanks! ^_^

[Trivia: Both Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson have voiced characters in a King's Quest game... Mask of Eternity, to be exact!]


Telltale games.... Cesar Bittar, the director of TSL happens to be on their team.  Shoot him a PM.
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I'm a fan. I have a Let's play of the talky version of S&M hit the road on my youtube channel.
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...I can't think of Bill Farmer without thinking of Goofy.  That has just totally put a new dimension on my Sam and Max pointy clicky fandom.

Although the bagpipe minigame in Beyond Time and Space can still wrack off.

Personally speaking though, I didn't think the voices for the characters were too bad in Telltale's productions; the first episode of the first game, Sam sounded very quiet and nonhumourous, but after that, he got a lot better.  Max's voice reminded me of his cartoon incarnation, which was enjoyable to me as a fan of the cartoon series.
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Bad Asp

I think we should start an offline petition to save both Hit the Road and Freelance Police.  The lineup of Sam and Max games shouldn't be limited to just the episodic series!

(Posted on: March 02, 2010, 04:46:20 PM)

By the way, I just uploaded my first YTP video yesterday to YouTube.  It's part of my ongoing "Esinem" series, and it's based on the Sam and Max cartoon series!

Check it out here: