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READ ME: TSL Forum Rules

Started by Yonkey, October 04, 2007, 01:19:03 PM

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TSL Forum Rules

Forum Community Members:

1. Treat everyone with respect.

2. No flaming, insulting, degrading comments or personal attacks to users, members or anything else.

3. No discriminatory slurs of any kind will be tolerated.

4. No excessive inappropriate or offensive language.  This includes discussion of controversial topics such as religion and politics.

5. No direct or indirect links to adult content.

6. No direct or indirect links to illegal software or abandonware.

7. No spam will be tolerated.  Thread bumping may also be considered spam.  Be careful with posting sprees and meaningless posts.

8. No advertising of any kind is permitted without permission by the PR/Web staff.  If you wish to advertise your site in the forum, please contact:

9. We respect our users' privacy, so we will not provide ANY kind of personal info without previous consent of the involved.  If such information is not available, don't ask.  It won't be given to you.

10. You are held responsible for everything you post.  Do not post information or pictures of anyone else without explicitly asking the person involved, or it may occur in the same violation as #9.

11. Stay on-topic and post in the correct forum.  Feel free to post off-topic threads in the Off-Topic forum.  General chit-chat should be posted in the General Chat thread only, located in the Off-Topic forum as well.

12. Debates and differing opinions are fine as long as they do not violate forum rules such as: going off-topic, addressing issues in locked threads, or repeating previously answered questions.

13. We can't bend the rules, so don't try to bend them either.  It doesn't matter who you are.

14. Respect all TSL team members, especially the moderators.  They are working here on a voluntary basis to keep this place orderly for everyone.

15. Violations of the above stated rules will be dealt with according to our Violation of Rules policy (described below).

16. These rules may be changed as needed, so please check them regularly.

TSL Team Members:

1. NO SPOILERS!  Do not reveal any confidential/team-related material here without permission because this is a PUBLIC forum.  As of Feb 28, 2010, it is also a direct violation of Activision's Cease & Desist order to upload any TSL-related material to the forum.

2. Consult first with your department Director, then the Web Director if you can or cannot publish info or comments regarding the game production.  If it is not approved it will be deleted immediately.

3.  These forums are not connected nor related to the internal forums.  Do not post any internal commentary on these forums.

4. The TSL Development Team does not support any personal comment/statement/project made by staff members without official authorization by the PR/Web Department.

5. The forum rules for Forum Community Members apply to Team Members as well.

Violation of Rules policy:

The Web Staff reserves the right to modify, lock, delete and/or move a post or thread if it does not adhere to the above rules.  You will be notified either within the post, by PM or by e-mail if you break one or more of the above rules.  If you notice a post that breaks any of the above rules, click on "Report to moderator" link within the post.  

Continued violation of the rules will result in the revocation of posting privileges or the banning of your account.  For serious complaints regarding the course of action taken, contact

When serious violations occur, you will get one explicit warning (since everyone is allowed to make mistakes or be unaware), but with a second explicit warning you may fall into a penalty, and a third explicit warning will result in a serious punishment.  The explicit warnings are addressed by either the Web Director or Forum Moderators via post, PM's or email.
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