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Kings Quest Memories

Started by waltzdancing, March 06, 2010, 11:58:07 PM

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Yea... that is what I was referring to (the memories).  We had to mention it in the form letter... but we did not dwell on it.  Memories would be dwelling... hence why it is Erpy's call.
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I actually found out about KQ through a catalogue they (Still Sierra) included in about every-'Leisure Suit Larry- purchase I made and once I found a way to get it. Even then, it was quite late (in the series), but I got the 'King's Quest Collector's Edition, Celebrating Sierra On-Line's 15th Anniversary Multimedia CD for PC'. Since I wanted to play through them as fast as possible I also purchased the Third Edition of Peter Spear's KQ Companion. I liked it so much I bought KQVII  (and its Official Hint Guide) and MoE without ever thinking about it. Unfortunately, that's about as far as my memory can go, it's really crappy. By that time (MoE))I had ventured onto the 'Net and found the Sierra forum very helpful in getting through MoE so never needed a hint book for that one. Through that forum I think I somehow must have found my way here (then still by its former name KQ IX, I'm an official oldbie).
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I posted this all ready on facebook, but wanted to make sure it got read here as well

My first experience with King's Quest was when I bought a copy of Kings Quest II when I was very, very young. I saw the game at a computer store and really liked the look of the art on the cover. At that young age I had to have my mom type in all the commands in for me but I still thought it was amazing.

Years later I found a copy of Kings Quest VI and, remembering my fond memories of King's Quest II, bought it. Playing that game turned me into a huge fan and really truly helped to rekindle my imagination!
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