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Is this correct?

Started by natlinxz, March 25, 2010, 04:02:12 PM

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Hi everybody, I'm a bit of a fan of kings quest, and after seeing the progress that Phoenix Online studios has made with The Silver lining, I decided to write an article.
Actually, this is the script for a video I will be making (for youtube) about the history of The Silver Lining project, and was wondering if someone on here could look at what I have written so far and verify the information.

Here is the article:

Kings Quest 9 was started by a group of Kings Quest fans in 2000. The Team behind Kings Quest 9 got almost nothing done with the idea, and the team quickly lost focus. Two years later, a new development team was formed by C├ęsar Bittar. The new development team started Kings Quest 9 from scratch, keeping no content from the first attempt at a fan-sequel. Three years into development, Phoenix Online studios received a Cease and Desist email from Vivendi Games Incorporated, the owners of the Kings Quest franchise at the time. Phoenix Online Studios immediately stopped working on the game and tried to form a deal with Vivendi Games. Over one thousand fans of Kings Quest 9: Every Cloak Has a Silver Lining sent in messages to Vivendi Games, complaining about the Cease and Desist order. Seeing the large fan base the game had attracted, and the quality of the project, Vivendi Universal Games gave Phoenix Online Studios the rights to make a fan-game based on the Kings Quest series, provided that they remove "Kings Quest" from the title. Four years later in 2006, Phoenix Online finished the first public demo of The Silver Lining, and in 2008 another demo covering even more of the game was released. In 2009, the Silver Lining team announced that they were almost ready to send the complete game to Vivendi Games for approval. However, in 2008, Vivendi Games merged with Activision, and somewhere in that merging Activision became the new owner of the Kings Quest franchise. When Phoenix Online Studios sent the final game to Activision, Activision decided to revoke Phoenix Onlines rights to make a fan-game. Phoenix Online Studios tried their best to keep The Silver Lining alive, but in 2010 Activision filed a cease and desist order to stop production of the game. And as usual, Phoenix Online Studios has no choice but to obey the legal owners of Kings Quest.


That sounds pretty accurate, but there is one line that's slightly off:

Quote from: natlinxz on March 25, 2010, 04:02:12 PM
Four years later in 2006, Phoenix Online finished the first public demo of The Silver Lining, and in 2008 another demo covering even more of the game was released.
I would use the word "released" instead of "finished", since the demo that was released was the same one we had sent Vivendi.  I took about two weeks to polish it up a bit more, but that was about it.  The way you have it written right now sounds as if that demo itself took an additional 4 years from the time the license was granted.  In actuality, it was released 6 months later.

Also, the beta tester build released in 2008 actually covered less of the game than the public demo, not more.  It was intentionally restricted to 3 scenes, while the public demo had 9 in total.
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may we see the video?  It's always nice to see things from people who care about the silver lining.
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I'd love to see it as well! :D
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