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Reasons Activision Should Let TSL Continue

Started by Rosella, March 31, 2010, 01:59:42 AM

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Now, I know a lot of this has been discussed in the main Cease and Desist thread, but I felt maybe there should be a compilation of all of this in one thread. I want to see how many reasons we can get that Activision should want to let TSL continue. A lot of things have been mentioned, like the fact that Activision needs to expand its variety in game series, lest it have no room for growth, and the fact that the release of the KQ remakes spiked profit for the KQ Compilation, but let's see what other reasons we can find. I hope that maybe if there's one place to compile all this, we (and even the TSL team) might have more resources and ammo to convince Activision in negotiations.  :angel:

EDIT: WaltzDancing found the variety argument discussed here
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Well, for me, the biggest reason is due to our fanbase.  I never thought that we could make an announcement that could reach 23,000+ people in one day.  They probably weren't all fans, but they were people that we connected with through our unique journey. 

Activision actually working with us would be an even bigger announcement.  When Vivendi chose to, these numbers tripled.  That just goes to show you how much of an interest there is for our game, and how choosing to do the right thing is much more rewarding than choosing not to.
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That's sort of what I was going to say.  The fanbase is huge--Activision doesn't realize how many thousands of people they are letting down by shutting down the game.  The game has become an important thing to many people, and I know I speak for more than just myself when I say that it was a personal blow, like a fist in the stomach, when it was shut down.
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It was a nasty blow that is for sure, but if Activision didn't know about the fanbase, they are certainly getting a taste of it now.